Carry out financial transactions around the clock quickly and securely

With e-finance, the online banking solution from PostFinance, you can manage your finances anywhere and anytime on your computer, tablet or smartphone – with online account management, you have many useful functions at your disposal. With selected payment transaction and accounting software options, you can link e-finance and simplify your processes.

E-finance: online account management

  • Online access to all accounts, account movements and fund custody accounts wherever and whenever you want

  • All your financial transactions are handled quickly and securely

  • Different access rights for any number of users

  • Multi-client capability: You can manage multiple accounts for different customers under the same e-finance agreement

  • Electronic account management offers cost savings, for example through free account notification

  • Access is also possible via the PostFinance App or a mobile browser

  • The most important functions

    • Overview of your PostFinance accounts and account transactions as far back as 15 months ago
    • Search function for finding account data and searching for specific entries
    • Account statements, order documents, credit data virtual account and EFT/POS credit advice can be downloaded
    • Easy payments in Switzerland and abroad in various currencies
    • Management of standing orders and electronic payment orders (EPO)
    • Instant account transfers
    • E-bill: receive and pay bills electronically
    • Set up notification function for current account transactions and new e-bills

    Online Security

    Everything you need to know about the secure use of e-finance and the Internet.

  • Preconditions

    To access e-finance, you need an up-to-date browser, an Internet connection and a PostFinance account.


    See for yourself how easy online account management is.


    Access to e-finance is via a multi-level security system. For all login procedures, you need your e-finance number or your personally defined username and password. You can choose from the following options:

    • Login via PostFinance App
    • Login with your mobile phone using Mobile ID
    • Login with your PostFinance Card/PostFinance ID card and the yellow card reader

    The right payment and accounting software for you

    Would you like to make your accounting easier with payment software? There are a number of payment software options which simplify data processing for electronic payment transactions in e-finance.

    Are you looking for a software product which supports PostFinance solutions or would you like to know if your software offers an interface with e-finance?

  • E-finance access

    E-finance access is free of charge.

    Account management

    With e-finance, many account management services are either free of charge or offer you cost savings.

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