Carry out business transactions around the clock quickly and securely

With e-finance, the online banking service from PostFinance, you can easily manage finances anywhere and anytime via a computer or smartphone. Selected payment transaction and accounting software options enable you to link e-finance and simplify your processes.

E-finance: keep your business finances under control everywhere and at all times

  • Access to your accounts, cards and payments anytime and anywhere

  • All financial transactions handled quickly and securely at home and abroad

  • Foreign currency transactions with our foreign exchange trading

  • Independent management of access rights for any number of users

  • Price benefits for electronic account management

  • Preconditions

    To access e-finance, you need an up-to-date web browser, an Internet connection and a PostFinance account.

    System requirements

    For security reasons, you should always use the latest version of your operating system/browser. Find out which operating systems and browsers are supported by PostFinance in the system requirements.


    Our e-finance is accessible.

    Demo version

    See for yourself and test how convenient and easy e-finance is.

  • Access to e-finance is via a multi-level security system. For all login procedures, you need your e-finance number or your personally defined username and password.

    The quickest and easiest way to access e-finance: when you log in via the PostFinance App, you’re securely logged in within seconds. With Mobile ID and the card reader, you have two alternatives available to you.

    Online security

    Everything you need to know about using e-finance and the Internet securely.

  • The most important functions

    • Carry out single, recurring and high volume payment transactions
    • Submit direct debit orders
    • Make immediate and scheduled account transfers for your cash management
    • Scan and import invoices
    • Receive and pay eBills
    • Block or replace your PostFinance Card
    • Load and manage your credit card
    • Download account statements, order documents, virtual account credits and EFT/POS credit advice notifications from the Document Center
    • Carry out foreign exchange transactions
    • Subscribe to selected products
    • Set up and manage notifications
  • E-finance access

    E-finance access is free of charge.

    Account management

    Account management in e-finance is free of charge. In addition, you enjoy price benefits for other services.

Order online banking with e-finance for business customers

To order e-finance from PostFinance, you must first become a customer. As a business customer with an existing banking relationship with PostFinance, you can easily order e-finance online now.

You are a new business customer

For all customers who don’t yet have a business relationship with PostFinance

You are already a business customer

For existing business customers who want to order e-finance

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