POS Payment Flex

Select the right payment terminals for your store.

POS Payment Flex enables you to easily and securely accept card payments in your store. Order state-of-the-art PAX card readers at attractive prices from our online store, and decide on payment methods and features yourself.

POS Payment Flex: simple, secure and flexible

  • Collect payments with ease thanks to high card acceptance

  • Security thanks to ep2-certified and PCI-certified PAX payment terminals

  • New features coming through all the time thanks to advanced cloud technology

  • Simpler processes with a user-friendly back office

  • Expandable into an omnichannel payment solution

  • A PostFinance Checkout Flex account is required to operate the payment terminal and the software. This means a separate contract must be concluded with PostFinance. For billing of the monthly subscription fees for operating the payment terminal and the software needed, you will need a PostFinance business account or a credit card. 

  • Order and set up terminal

    1. Order your terminal in our online shop and when you have received the device, follow the instructions using the QR code on the package insert flyer
    2. Connect the payment terminal to your existing PostFinance Checkout Flex account or set up a new account
    3. Use the setup assistant to configure your payment terminal and, if required, integrate the payment-service-providing module into your online shop

    Online contract conclusion and communication of the request to the acceptance partners

    The POS Payment Flex contract can be completed online in a few minutes. 

    At least one payment method must be enabled to activate the payment terminal. To activate the individual payment methods, you need a separate contract with the relevant acceptance partner for each payment method and location. PostFinance automatically arranges the contract request for you online as part of POS Payment Flex onboarding. The time required to activate the payment method depends on the acceptance partner concerned and cannot be influenced by PostFinance.

    NB: the conclusion of contracts with Worldline and Concardis may currently take up to several weeks.

    Supported acceptance partners and payment methods for your payment terminal

    • PostFinance (PostFinance Card)
    • Worldline (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, TWINT, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)
    • Concardis (Visa, Mastercard)
    • Reka, WIRcard and other popular customer cards

    Keep an overview

    POS Payment Flex gives you access to the Checkout back office tool. You will have an overview of transactions executed on your payment terminals. The sales documents and end-of-day settlements for the payment terminals are automatically archived online and can be accessed in the back office tool. 

    You can also manage your users and their settings independently at any time and you have the option to authorize a partner (an agency,  for example) to implement technical configurations.

    Advanced users can, if required, personalize the automatically pre-configured services in the Checkout back office tool.

    You can activate or deactivate the payment terminal at any time in the Checkout back office tool or change its location.

    Upgradeable into an omnichannel solution

    POS Payment Flex can be upgraded in just a few clicks into your integrated payment solution for online and in-store payments in the Checkout back office tool, and you can do this using the highly functional “Checkout Flex Payment Service Providing” tool. 


    Our technical support is available if you have any questions about PostFinance Checkout.

  • You can connect the payment terminal to your checkout system as follows:

  • Order payment terminals

    You can order state-of-the-art payment terminals from the PAX range in our online shop.

    Monthly costs for POS Payment Flex

    Costs for payment terminal software, SIM card, updates and support: CHF 9.90 per month and per terminal, excl. VAT.

    Transaction fees for POS Payment Flex

    Costs per transaction made by payment terminal: CHF 0.03

    Additional details

    • Transactions from the online shop as well as from the payment terminals are not accumulated
    • Updates to the payment terminals and the SIM card are already included in the prices 

    Fees for payment methods

    These fees are charged directly by the acceptance partner of the respective payment method. Please check the relevant acceptance contract.

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