Combo payment methods

Debit cards, credit cards and TWINT at your terminal

With our new Combo payment methods service, your customers can pay with all important payment methods on-site in your shop. Whether you want to accept debit cards, credit cards or mobile device payments, our solution covers the most common cashless payment methods.

Image showing the logos of all accepted payment methods for the Combo payment methods acquiring service. Logos from left to right: PostFinance, TWINT, Visa, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, UnionPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Attractive startup packageAttractive startup package

Register now and receive your introductory discount. Sign up for a Combo payment methods contract and get 50 percent off transaction fees  for the first three months.

Not only do you benefit from a 25 percent discount when you buy a PAX card terminal from PostFinance, we will also waive the account management fees and annual fees for the PostFinance Card  for three years.

Combo payment methods: collect cashless payments – whatever the payment method

  • The most common cashless payment methods in a single acquiring agreement

  • Including PostFinance Card

  • Speedy outpayment within two working days

  • Central settlement of all payment methods in a single reconciliation file 

The benefits of our acquiring service for you

We are the only bank and financial service provider in Switzerland that provides the whole payment process from beginning to end. We cover everything from accounts and payment collection to outpayment and support. With us, you can buy a point-of-sale payment system, conclude an acquiring agreement and receive credits to your PostFinance business account – all from a single source. We are also your point of contact for advice and support requests.

  • To conclude an acquiring agreement with us for Combo payment methods, your company must meet the conditions listed below. This also applies if you want to switch from your current solution to PostFinance.

    • A payment terminal with the ep2 standard
    • An active business account with PostFinance

    A payment terminal that meets the ep2 standard

    You can use our service with all ep2-capable payment terminals. If you already have a payment terminal, you can use it, provided it is ep2-capable. Only devices that comply with the ep2 standard meet the Swiss security standard.

    The following providers sell payment terminals that meet the ep2 standard:

    If you are not sure whether your payment terminal is ep2-capable, we will be happy to advise you.

    PostFinance business account

    Use a PostFinance business account for the outpayment and benefit as a company from the full potential of PostFinance. We are also your direct contact as an acquirer and for your account relationship. 

    Agreement for Combo payment methods

    Once you have arranged a consultation appointment with us, an advisor from PostFinance will get in touch with you. We will make you a non-binding offer. We will clarify any open questions that arise before and during the interview directly and in collaboration with you. 

    If you combine our PAX terminals with Combo payment methods for on-site payment collection, you will benefit from our attractive POS bundle conditions.

    • 25% discount on our PAX terminals
    • We cover the account management fees for the PostFinance business account and the annual card fees for your PostFinance card for three years

    The PostFinance PAX terminals are managed via a link to our cloud-based back office tool, Checkout. Each linked PAX terminal costs CHF 9.90 per month. This includes the costs for maintenance work and software updates, as well as the SIM cards needed to operate the terminals including data costs.

  • By signing a single agreement, you will cover the most common domestic and international cashless payment methods. As a merchant, you offer your customers the following payment methods with our acquiring service:

    • PostFinance Card
    • TWINT
    • Mastercard® / Debit Mastercard / Maestro national / Maestro international
    • Visa / Visa Debit / V Pay
    • Diners Club / Discover
    • UnionPay
    • JCB
    • Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Credit account

    Outpayment is currently possible only to a PostFinance business account. We are constantly working to develop our products. Over the course of 2024, we will also offer merchants the option to receive outpayments to another Swiss bank account. Until then, the agreement can be concluded only in combination with a PostFinance business account.

    Uniform posting and remuneration

    We will credit sales to your business account within a very short time. Payments with the PostFinance Card will be processed within 24 hours; payments with other brands will usually be processed within 48 hours after successful posting. Public holidays and weekends are excluded. Your sales and revenue remuneration are paid exclusively in Swiss francs.

    Credit advice

    We are the only bank in Switzerland that combines merchant solutions with banking solutions and offers everything from a single source. You will therefore find all of your financial data stored centrally at a single point in your e-finance. The credit advice can be downloaded either daily or monthly in e-finance, or we can send you the PDF credit advice daily or monthly by e-mail.

  • The tables list all payment methods covered by our acquiring service. All fees apply to purchase transactions by your customers as well as credit transactions that you transfer to your customers. The fees are not subject to value added tax.

    Fees for the relevant payment method

    Payment methodBase condition per transaction
    Payment method
    Debit cards 
    Base condition per transaction
    1.2%, min. CHF 0.12
    Payment method
    Base condition per transaction
    1.3%, min. CHF 0.12
    Payment method
    Credit cards 
    Base condition per transaction
    1.5%, min. CHF 0.12

    The maximum amounts per transaction differ depending on the payment methods. A detailed breakdown of all additional surcharges can be found under “Documents and links”.

    • Payment methods are different ways in which customers can pay for their (cashless) purchases. A cashless payment method can mean, for example, paying with a credit card or using a smart watch.

    • In Switzerland, cashless payments are made almost exclusively using the following payment methods.

      • Debit cards: Debit Mastercard, Visa Debit and the PostFinance Card
      • Credit cards: Mastercard and Visa
      • Mobile payment methods: TWINT, Apple Pay and Google Pay

      These payment methods are covered by a single acceptance agreement. 

    • Payment methods not covered in the agreement include

      • American Express
      • Lunch-Checks
      • ep2 gift cards

      You can connect several acquirers to a single card terminal with the ep2 standard. If you would also like to connect one of the above payment methods, you must conclude a separate agreement with the relevant provider.

    • Combo payment methods can be accepted on all ep2 payment terminals. As soon as the acceptance agreement has been concluded with PostFinance, your terminal manufacturer only has to enter the correct acquirer and the new agreement number on the payment terminal. PostFinance will be happy to help you implement the switch. 

    • No. You terminate your current agreement separately. Please do not terminate your existing acquiring agreement until the new agreement has been confirmed and changed on the payment terminal. We will be happy to discuss the procedure with you at your consultation appointment.

    • Order the change to your card acceptance agreement directly from the payment terminal provider. As soon as the agreement change is due on the activation day, the new acceptance agreement will be stored on your payment terminal. To complete the activation, you must carry out an end-of-day settlement and initialize the payment terminal. Only then will transactions be performed via the Combo payment methods acceptance agreement.

      If you wish, we can initiate the acquirer switch for you with your payment terminal provider (service center). We will be happy to inform you via e-mail as soon as the acceptance partner has changed with the terminal provider.

    • Yes, you can also use Combo payment methods with PostFinance terminals.

    • No. The acceptance agreement is not applicable to payments in online shops. If you are interested in a solution for your e-commerce, we offer the following checkout solutions for your online shop. 

    • Yes, this is currently essential.

      We are constantly working to develop our products. From mid-2024 onwards, we will also offer merchants the option to receive outpayments from Combo payment methods to another Swiss bank account. Until then, a PostFinance business account is required.

    • Tel.: 058 667 98 74 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. )

      Please contact your terminal provider for any device-specific queries.

    • The agreement is generally checked and activated within a maximum of ten working days after receipt of the agreement by PostFinance. If you switch to us from an existing agreement, activation may be delayed depending on the provider. In our experience, this kind of changeover can take up to a month. 

    • Certain terminal providers may charge additional one-off fees to the merchant when changing acquirer. Whether this is the case depends on your existing terminal agreement and can be found in the general terms and conditions or the selected terminal service package. 

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