Liquidity planning

Stay liquid at all times

Efficient cash management ensures that sufficient liquidity is available when you need it. Key to this is professional liquidity planning, control over accounts payable and optimized accounts receivable management.

  • Create an annual plan

    Compile forecast incomings and expenditure and determine any fluctuations. You can then identify at an early stage when you might meet liquidity bottlenecks or find yourself with surplus funds.

    Manage surplus funds and bottlenecks

    Take advantage of flexible investment options or a financing product to optimally manage surplus funds and bottlenecks.

    Keep an overview

    Manage your account electronically with The link will open in a new window e-finance and keep your finances under control with the The link will open in a new window PostFinance App, any time and anywhere.

  • Check invoices

    Have the services already been provided? Are only the agreed services listed? Are the payment methods and conditions correct?

    Schedule invoices

    Do not pay invoices too late or too soon in order to maintain a good reputation with suppliers, creditors, business partners and creditworthiness assessors. Make sure that cash discounts are worthwhile.

    Track invoices

    Keep an eye on unpaid invoices.

  • Check creditworthiness

    Check your customer’s ability to pay and authority to sign based on information obtained from the commercial register and from specialized information centers.

    Rethink payment conditions

    You could shorten the payment deadline and speed up invoice settlement with a cash discount. Ask for an advance from bad debtors and for large orders.

    Invoice immediately

    The quicker you issue your invoice, the quicker it will be paid.

    Track invoices

    Track outstanding and received invoices.

    Issue reminders early

    Issue reminders early, initiate collection proceedings after the third registered reminder and do not accept any further orders on credit.

    Take out insurance

    Protect yourself against payment defaults with accounts receivable contingency insurance.