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PostFinance and Pagero are digitizing procurement and sales in healthcare

In the healthcare sector, digitally consistent processes are essential to meeting the complex requirements of procurement and sales. This applies to healthcare facilities such as hospitals, retirement and care homes or medical practices, and also to suppliers.

Digitization beyond the invoicing process

With e-bill, PostFinance has been helping its business customers for years with the digitization of the invoicing process, and in doing so, with a core part of the entire procurement and sales process. Now PostFinance, a market leader in the e-billing sector, is taking the next logical step: to enable its customers in healthcare to fully digitize the procurement (purchase-to-pay) and sales process (order-to-cash), it is working much closer with solution provider Pagero.

An innovative, cooperation-based solution that has synergies with e-bill

This allows healthcare facilities or their suppliers to benefit right away from both an innovative and tried-and-test solution, in addition to a reliable contact partner in Switzerland. In particular, they harness valuable synergies that develop between PostFinance’s e-billing and Pagero’s business network.

A new lease of life for procurement and sales processes

Pagero’s intelligent business network connects buyers and sellers, enabling them to exchange orders and other business documents in a secure, automated and legally-compliant manner. Thanks to automated processes with reliable business data, procurement and sales processes are optimized for the future.


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