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Created on 16.12.2021

Marketing for SMEs: getting more out of the web and social media

The Internet and social media can be real drivers of growth – if used properly. Not satisfied with your SME’s results? Then reflect on these questions.

Are our products/services actually being found?

You’ve got an online shop as well as a website. But they attract few visitors. Answering these questions will tell you whether you’re already doing everything you can to ensure you can be found or whether there’s some room for improvement.

Are we using all the useful options that could raise the profile of our website, online shop and range of products or services? For example, these include:

  • Newsletters
  • Social media, such as Instagram (incl. Instagram shopping), Facebook (incl. Facebook Shops), TikTok, LinkedIn etc.
  • Google My Business
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your website features prominently in search results 
  • Search engine advertising (SEA) to display paid-for advertising on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!
  • Social Media ads, etc.

Are our SEO measures still suitable today or out of date? Do we regularly post new content on our channels and are our website and online shop continually updated?

Are my products/services actually being bought?

You’re actually satisfied with the visitor statistics for your website and online shop, but can’t understand why your sales figures haven’t gone through the roof yet. Then these questions may help you identify untapped potential.

  • Are we providing our target groups with attractive content on all channels which inspires them to make purchases – for example, by showing them a video where our product is put through its paces?
  • If we focus on social media – are we putting enough creativity and passion into our Instagram account? And are we making optimal use of all the opportunities the channel provides – for example, by providing a link to our website and inspiring users to click on our products with powerful calls to action?
  • Is it easy for our customers to get from the channel to our products or services?
  • Are we helping visitors to the website or shop to find what they want quickly by providing clear categories and search fields?
  • Do we check regularly that our customers can navigate smoothly around our website or shop – from the first click on the page to the checkout?
  • Do we display all required purchase information at a glance so that all customers have to do is click on "Order"?
  • Recommendations from other customers are absolutely priceless. Do we ask customers to write Google reviews after positive contact?

Are our products being re-purchased?

You’re constantly getting new customers on board. Unfortunately, they’re not buying much or only make one purchase. Answering the following questions will provide you with ideas about how to inspire your customers to make extra purchases or return to your shop in future.

  • Are we showing our customers products that might also interest them? This is called cross-selling. These marketing methods aim to increase revenue per purchase. If somebody buys a training matt, then recommending dumbbells to them is a logical step.
  • Do we make ordering so easy for customers (for example, by providing suitable payment methods) that they’re happy to order from us again?
  • When customers make their first purchase, do we invite them to subscribe to our newsletter so that they get our latest product news?
  • Do we send customers a voucher occasionally to encourage them to make their next purchase?
  • Do we provide after-sales support to deal with queries or complaints to gain the trust of customers? Do we provide customers with easy contact options?
  • Do we answer queries on social media on an ongoing basis? And do we respond professionally to comments (and criticism where necessary)?
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