How to bring government into the electronic age

PostFinance’s e-bill solution allows invoices to be sent and paid electronically. E-payment is the payment collection solution for your online counter. Both solutions make handling payments easier for you and your stakeholders.

E-government: efficient & inexpensive processing of payments

  • Improved service quality and better reachability

  • Simplified access to information and transparent communication

  • Modular, needs-based solutions from a single source with standardized interfaces

  • The PostFinance e-bill solution lets you send invoices completely electronically to businesses and citizens. The electronic invoice receipt provides you with previously created invoice data for automated processing of your accounts payable.


    • Save money on administration as an invoice issuer due to the lack of postage and paper costs and receive incoming payments faster
    • Save money on administration as an invoice recipient thanks to automated accounts payable processing and higher data quality (no manual invoicing)
    • Citizens can pay easily and securely with three clicks without having to manually record invoice data and can access e-bills anytime and anywhere.

    How electronic invoicing works

    1. You send the structured invoice data to PostFinance.
    2. PostFinance prepares e-bills in compliance with the law
    3. The invoice recipient receives the e-bill from PostFinance in their preferred format via their preferred channel

    Standard solutions & solution partners

    The standard solutions developed together with the Federal Finance Administration (FFA) are available to all Swiss authorities. Solutions can be tailored to your individual needs with the relevant solution partner – the interfaces to PostFinance are already integrated. PostFinance also maintains partnerships with software partners.

  • With e-payment, citizens pay their fees online directly via the Internet. You have a choice of solutions from conventional e-payment right through to the full-service adminpay solution.


    • This results in reduced administrative expenses, fewer payment defaults and lower use of resources (simpler payment management, fewer counter visits)
    • Citizens can pay for paid online services quickly, securely and easily  – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and without waiting at the counter

    Here’s how it works

    1. You offer the option to pay through your website using the PostFinance Card, a credit card or other payment methods
    2. The citizen selects their product online and pays using their desired payment method
    3. The amount is credited directly to your pre-defined account

    Solution partners

    PostFinance maintains partnerships with software partners. Individual solutions are tailored to your needs and the interfaces to PostFinance are already integrated.

  • E-bill

    Federal Administration

    PostFinance is the official service provider to the Federal Administration.

    Federal Finance Administration

    “Electronic invoices meet a genuine customer need. They also help us save costs, fully in keeping with our e-government strategy.”
    Marcel Mader, Finance & Accounting, Federal Finance Administration

    Tax Administration in the Canton of Schaffhausen

    “The e-bill isn’t just interesting for tax payers but for us as well: We’re meeting the population’s needs, invoicing can be traced more easily and in the medium term we will save money on printing and shipping costs.”
    Jürg Schneider, IT, Canton of Schaffhausen

    Tax Administration in the Canton of Berne

    ”We are pleased with the e-bill because for our needs it has the least potential for errors, it works without media disruptions and it saves a great deal of paper.”
    Remo Lüthi, Project Manager for the introduction of the e-bill, Tax Administration, Canton of Berne

    Tax Administration for the Canton of Basel-Land

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