Corporate identity draft

Why is it so important?

A successful brand can be a significant competitive advantage. Find out from our specialists why a corporate identity is so important and gather valuable information about building up a brand.

You’ve made it over the first administrative hurdles – your company has officially been founded. Now you want to achieve success as quickly as possible. Faced with competition from the other 40,000 startups that are founded in Switzerland each year, that’s not quite so simple. A distinctive brand is vital.

Why is a brand required?

Imagine you’re standing in front of a huge shelf containing a vast array of shampoos. There’s a special product to meet every need – shampoos for more volume, for brittle or damaged hair, for more shine or to tackle dandruff. Face with this glut of information, how are you supposed to decide? What do you do in such a situation? You buy the shampoo from a brand that you’re familiar with and that impressed you the last time you bought it.

Branding establishes trust and helps ensure long-term customer loyalty. If your company has a consistent image everywhere and at all times, your customers will recognize you based on your brand. And the benefits for you? You stand out from the competition and become unique. Anyone can attract attention. The real key to success is creating a positive image and nurturing this in the long term. This is the only way to ensure customers opt for your products over those of your competitors.

With a uniform corporate identity and impressive branding, you can not only acquire customers but also inspire them. A brand is emotionally charged and is designed to evoke particular feelings. This emotional response should create a long-term bond between your customers and your brand. Consumers wear Nike trainers or Fjällräven rucksacks because they are cool, or they visit the same tropical theme bar every Thursday because it puts them in a relaxed holiday mood. A brand is much more than just a logo.

Do you know which area you want your company to specialize in? Have you identified your strengths? Then it’s a question of building your strategy and your entire corporate identity on that. You can find out about the various aspects of corporate identity in our article on corporate identity.