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Created on 06.09.2022

What can you tell us about your job as investment customer advisor?

Fabian Baur, investment customer advisor and Deputy Head of the PostFinance Frauenfeld branch, gives us an insight into his area of activity and tells us why he enjoys his job so much.

Fabian Baur, what can you tell us about your day-to-day working life as an investment customer advisor?

While my focus is on investment, I take a holistic approach when giving advice. This means I also look at payment, pension and financing solutions with my customers. Topics such as our banking packages, TWINT or e-finance fall into the category of figures; when it comes to retirement planning, which is well established in Switzerland, I usually have to look at whether gaps need to be filled in terms of pillar 3a, and in the area of financing we can offer interesting options via third-party providers. But back to my pet topic: when it comes to investing, I advise my customers on all aspects of the various investment options.

Who are your customers?

Around 90 percent are existing customers who either approach me with a specific need or are invited by me for a consultation. The other 10 percent or so are potential new customers who find us through our advertising and are looking for advice.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The current market environment. When the stock market is doing well, it is easier to get customers interested in investing. The current instability in world politics, the difficult interest rate environment and rising inflation are a challenge. The last financial crisis is also still present in many people’s minds. Although the risks are smaller today due to stricter regulatory requirements, it is important to create awareness among customer that the market is still in motion. Correctly calculating the investment horizon helps to counteract these fluctuations.

And what do you particularly enjoy?

Working with a wide variety of people. I advise all professions and wealth levels. My customers include young people who are about to start their apprenticeship, as well as retirees who want to invest their pension fund money. Because every customer is different, no two conversations are the same. Sometimes we laugh together, sometimes I am more like a counsellor.

What are your professional and educational qualifications?

I did my apprenticeship as a financial assistant at Sparkasse in Germany and I am a certified financial consultant. Like all other PostFinance customer advisors and consultants with a focus on investing, I am also “Affluent” certified. This certification must be completed in advance or within one year of taking up a position as an investment customer advisor. I also recently started the federal diploma training to become a financial planner.

What specific skills and abilities do you need for the job of investment customer advisor?

In addition to professional expertise, it is vital that you enjoy working with people, are empathetic and know how to listen actively. Self-reflection is also useful, because when you deal with the subject matter on a daily basis, you sometimes forget that things are not always as clear and obvious to your customers as they are to you.

Why did you apply to PostFinance?

For several reasons. On the one hand, the short commute was attractive, but on the other hand – and this was ultimately decisive for my application – I really liked PostFinance’s strategy and culture. I can see a future for digital solutions. That’s why PostFinance’s goal of becoming a digital powerhouse appealed to me a great deal. I was also attracted by the flat hierarchies and the quality of interaction between colleagues. Everyone here is on informal terms – from apprentice to CEO, who also applies the open office policy to himself rather than just preaching it. This culture makes it easier to address problems and to provide critical feedback.


Fabian Baur

Fabian Baur, investment customer adviser and Deputy Head of the Frauenfeld PostFinance branch.

What do you particularly like about PostFinance?

The support for further training, not just financially, but also from my supervisor. PostFinance offers a particularly exciting opportunity for personal development in the form of a temporary role change. Because of my new job, it hasn’t been the right time for me yet, but I have already been involved in a wide variety of projects. Working in different areas highlights potential and optimization opportunities and improves cooperation with other departments. I also really appreciate the flexible working hours, the option to work from home, six weeks’ holiday per year and the general opportunities to balance family and work.

How does a temporary role change work in practice?

Why would you recommend a job as an investment customer advisor at PostFinance?

For many of the reasons I’ve already mentioned. PostFinance is a fair, socially responsible employer – as well as a pioneer in the digital sector and extremely innovative. Our investment solutions are modern and tailored to the needs of our customers. Whether customers want to do everything themselves or have their finances managed by a professional, they will find a suitable and cost effective solution at PostFinance. If you’re looking for a working environment where everyone communicates on an equal footing and an area of activity with development opportunities, PostFinance is the place for you.

Are you looking for a job with an employer where you can help shape progress with your pioneering spirit?

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