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Created on 24.02.2020

Why sometimes you simply need a credit card

Do you actually need a credit card at all or can you do without one? We show seven situations where a credit card is really helpful. And we present practical card functions that you may not even know about yet.

In these situations, it’s good to be able to whip out a credit card

Buying last-minute presents

Perfume for Mum, the panettone for your uncle: sometimes you simply don’t have time to think about birthday or Christmas presents early – let alone get them in the shop. When shopping on the Internet, the delivery times are often just short enough for last-minute gifts to arrive on time. With a credit card, payment is also fast.

Withdrawing money

Booking a flight online without a credit card? In the best case scenario it gets complicated; with most airlines and travel companies it is simply impossible. With a credit card you can easily withdraw money from anywhere.


Want to save money when going shopping? That’s only possible with a credit card. With the bonus programme you receive a certain amount reimbursed on your purchase amount.

If you have difficulty falling asleep

You just cannot fall asleep without reading – but unfortunately you’ve just reached the last page of your thriller and urgently need a new book. With your credit card you can immediately get more reading material for your e-reader in online bookstores.

City shopping

Oh, dear. You are in the shop at the checkout and have already had this fabulous jacket wrapped up. And now the card device indicates that you’ve already reached your debit card limit because you paid for a new computer earlier this month. Then whip out your credit card, which still has plenty of funds for you to spend.


Do you like to travel all over the world, ideally without a lot of cash in your luggage? Whether you’re in New York, Singapore or Cape Town, credit cards are accepted by numerous shops, hotels and restaurants around the world.

Hiring a vehicle

Whether clearing out, packing boxes or cleaning up, moving to another apartment is always stressful. And then there’s the question of how your things are transported from the old to the new apartment. You decide to hire a van. With a credit card, you can easily reserve and pay for the van – even outside the rental desk opening hours. Payment with prepaid and debit cards is usually not available.

Good to know: the practical functions of credit cards

With a credit card you always have your finances under control. It offers several helpful functions:

  • In e-finance, you can block and unblock your credit cards yourself at any time
  • On request, you will receive an SMS with each transaction
  • In e-finance, you can load additional credit onto your credit card in seconds (for example, if the credit card limit is not sufficient when booking a flight).

Practical, isn't it? Get an overview online now of which credit card suits you best and make a selection at your leisure.

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