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Created on 22.03.2021

When does it make sense to have a second credit card?

Holding a credit card is a practical option. But is it worth having a second credit card as a back-up?

Credit cards are becoming more and more popular: there were almost 8 million credit cards in circulation in Switzerland at the end of 2020; the figure a year earlier was 7.2 million. Once you have one, you can’t go without it. And, in some situations, it’s even worth acquiring a second card or a partner card.

Second card

You want to play it safe

Do you need a very high level of security? If so, it can be a good idea to take out a discounted second card. Make sure your second card is a different brand to your first one. For example, if you currently hold a PostFinance Mastercard®, you should opt for PostFinance Visa for your second card – or vice versa. That way, you have two different options and the peace of mind that you can make payments or withdraw money anywhere – using one card or the other.

You want a replacement immediately if your card is damaged or lost

Have you noticed that your credit card has been lost or stolen, the magnetic strip no longer works or the card is broken? In all of these cases, it’s worth having a discounted second card. That way, you have a “replacement card” which you can use immediately.

You want maximum separation

To keep track of your spending, it can be a good idea to use two credit cards for different purposes: for example, you could use one for everyday purchases and the other exclusively for travelling. Transactions are assigned to each individual card in your credit card statement. And you can view your transactions according to each card in e-finance too.

Partner card

You want an affordable partner solution

With a partner card, your partner can take out a credit card at a discounted rate via your existing card – without a separate credit card contract. Since the invoice shows the expenses of both the main card and the partner card, the transactions can be assigned to each card so that you can keep track of things at all times. With a partner card, too, it’s a good idea to consider holding different brands. That way, you have the security of being able to make a payment anywhere.

More advantages and tips on second cards and partner cards

  • Our PostFinance Visa and PostFinance Mastercard credit cards, second cards and partner cards are available at a discount, while with the PostFinance Visa Platinum Card, you can even take out the first additional card for free.
  • And naturally even with a second card or partner card, you’ll benefit from the attractive bonus programme, which gives you 0.3% or 0.5% cashback on the sales turnover depending on the credit card.
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