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Created on 07.05.2018 | Updated on 13.05.2019

Why invest money? Here’s why!

You can invest your money too. Really! First, it’s much easier than you might think and, secondly, just CHF 20 a month is enough.

Investing money for the first time can be daunting. It’s understandable that you might worry about whether you are making a mistake due to inexperience.

But if you invest wisely instead of paying money into a savings account, you can achieve a much greater return. As interest rates  on savings accounts have been low for so long, it is hard to save money while also increasing your assets through saving. These are good reasons to invest:

  • Investment is an effective way of accruing assets.
  • By making financial investments, you can build up assets for a particular goal (for example, paying for education, purchasing a major item or starting a family).
  • If you invest your money, you can achieve higher potential returns for old age, compared to the retirement savings account 3a, for example.
  • With financial investments, your money is not so readily available: if it’s in an account, you can access and spend it more easily.

When should you start investing
Do you need large assets to do that? Absolutely not. If you’re earning money and often have some left over at the end of the month – even CHF 20 a month is enough – then you can invest money too. Is expert knowledge required? Not at all. You just have to spend a short amount of time reading up on the subject of investing money before you can get started.

Every saver is motivated by different things, but one thing is for certain – it’s important to put money aside to ensure financial security, to remain flexible or to be able to afford something in future. Investing money in a targeted way and in line with your own requirements and means pays off. also It’s not complicated. A few key pointers can help to guide you. We explain what is meant by return , risk, shares , funds , ratings  and much more besides.

Are you looking to become an investor? Or have you already invested money but would like to find out more about it? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to get more from your money and explain what you need to bear in mind. 

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