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Created on 20.08.2019

Association management – which tasks can a software package for associations provide support with?

From membership records to the organization of meetings and the association’s accounts: managing an association involves a great deal of administration. We explain how software can provide highly effective support with the tasks involved in running an association.

Anyone who has not been involved in managing an association has no idea how much work it entails. Whether it’s the president, treasurer or manager of an association, lots of time-consuming and sometimes complex tasks are involved. On one hand, the management act as a point of contact for members and represent the association externally. On the other, lots of administrative tasks have to be performed. They include – for example – the collection of membership fees, the recording of new addresses, keeping the association’s accounts or sending out invitations. 

Which tasks have to be performed at your association?

But what can be done to save time and energy when managing an association? To answer this question, it helps to set out which administrative tasks have to be undertaken. A non-exhaustive list of tasks involved in running an association provides the following overview:

Administrative tasks

Membership administration
Record-keeping and administration of members and other contacts, such as sponsors and suppliers (including details of groups/teams, positions and other information)
Planning and coordination of dates and events (including the sending of event invitations and publication of key dates on the website)
Collection of membership fees/billing
  • Creation of (mass) invoices
  • Recording/importing payment receipts
  • Entry of invoices and payment receipts in the financial accounts
  • Managing income and expenditure
Accounts receivable management
  • Settlement of outstanding invoices
  • Sending payment reminders
Payment transactions
Making/receiving payments via e-finance
Creation and management of an association website  
Procurement of services
Management and sales of fan items etc. 
Storage of association documents
Storage of association documents
Association correspondence  
Sending e-mails and letters and storage of correspondence

Working efficiently with intuitive association software

You’re bound to have considered using software for associations that provides efficient support with these tasks. When choosing a software package, make sure it meets your association’s current requirements. The software’s ease-of-use plays a major role. Association software should be as intuitive as possible so that users can quickly get to grips with and enjoy using the solution without having to read up or attend courses on it. It’s also important that the software can be upgraded to meet future requirements. Think about how many members the software will be used for now and in future or how many people will work with the software at the same time. 

Software solutions with preferential conditions

As a PostFinance customer, you benefit from attractive special rates on three software solutions especially tailored to associations: they are called ClubDesk and ClubLight. They all include modules for invoicing, automatic monitoring of accounts receivable and member and partner management as standard.

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