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Created on 11.08.2022 | Updated on 11.04.2024

Multi-banking: manage company accounts with one login

Does your company have multiple business accounts with various banks in Switzerland or abroad, which makes keeping track of liquidity and payments tricky? PostFinance’s multi-banking solution concentrates all your bank accounts centrally on a single electronic platform, which can be accessed via your e-finance login. This means more efficiency and transparency when it comes to financial management for your company.

Every company with more than one banking relationship knows the feeling: if you want to keep track of your liquidity or make payments on different banking portals, you have to log in separately for each bank. This process is arduous, expensive and often stressful too. Multi-banking solutions such as those PostFinance offers with the Cash & Multibanking Tool (CMT) provide a simple solution to make the process more efficient.

A single login for all bank accounts, whether held with a principal bank or a third-party bank.

In Switzerland, the majority of SMEs process their payments through multiple business accounts held with different banks. Multi-banking solutions collate all your accounts on one e-banking platform. As a user, this means that all you need is a single login to manage your accounts – regardless of whether it’s a PostFinance business account or a third-party bank account in Switzerland or abroad. The benefits are clear: with the CMT as your digital control center, you can manage all your accounts far more efficiently.

Payment transactions and a liquidity overview within the company: it’s just that easy with multi-banking

Keep on top of all your payments

Using the CMT, you can carry out all your domestic/international payments centrally in one single place, even if you make salary payments (for instance) through a different bank to the one you use for supplier invoices. You simply log in once with your usual e-finance login details and you can then enter, edit and approve any payments made from principal or third-party banks in the CMT. If you use financial software, you can also upload large volumes of payment orders with a file or submit them automatically. The CMT also allows you to manage account transfers between banks. You can define how frequently (daily at most) you want these to happen and whether you want the amounts to be fixed or variable.

A liquidity overview across all your accounts at the click of a button

The CMT can provide you different liquidity overviews at the click of a button. Would you, for instance, like to display the liquidity status for a specific date in the future across all your accounts? Or would you like to see an overview by category, bank, country, currency or company? The CMT allows you to configure these criteria yourself. You can, for example, enter a reference currency so that all your foreign currency accounts are converted automatically at the daily mean rate, allowing you to compare them with ease. Each table overview can also be exported as a CSV so that you can use the data to carry out further analyses.

How does the connection from third-party accounts to PostFinance’s CMT work?

Connecting and data sharing take place via either EBICS . Once the CMT has been activated, a professional PostFinance support team will help you to set up access with your third-party banks.

What are the prerequisites to using the CMT?

There aren’t many all. The only prerequisite is having a PostFinance business account including e-finance.

The benefits of PostFinance’s multi-banking solution at a glance

  • Usual login: as a PostFinance business account user, log in to your e-finance account as usual to use the CMT.
  • Clear dashboard: as you can configure your dashboard yourself, you will always have an appropriate overview of your payment transactions and liquidity.
  • Self-service: you can manage a lot yourself in the CMT and save yourself time in the process: from creating account groups to managing the rights of third-party bank accounts.
  • Exclusive support: as a CMT user, you have access to a dedicated support team that you can contact by phone or by e-mail on working days
  • Attractive conditions: you will be charged monthly costs from 10 francs for using the CMT. The costs depend on the number of banking relationships, among other factors.
  • Free trial period: you can trial the multi-banking tool for three months free of charge.

The first steps towards your own multi-banking solution

Order the registration documents online and test the CMT for three months free of charge.  

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