Cash & Multibanking Tool (CMT)

Manage total liquidity across all banks

Get a quick overview of all your bank accounts with the Cash & Multibanking Tool (CMT) – i.e. PostFinance accounts and domestic and foreign third-party bank accounts. Manage all your accounts and get a complete overview at all times using your e-finance login. Try out CMT for three months free of charge.

CMT: simple and convenient liquidity management

  • One login for all your third-party bank and PostFinance accounts

  • Follow the development of your liquidity in detail

  • Multi-banking payment transactions for managing all your third-party bank and PostFinance accounts

  • Communication with the other banks via EBICS or SWIFT 

  • Try it out for three months for free

    • Discover the features in the demo version

Discover the features of CMT in the demo version

To use the demo version, you must have an existing business customer relationship with PostFinance. You can obtain the password for the demo version from your customer advisor or by sending a query via e-mail.

    • Business account at PostFinance
    • E-finance login
    • At least one additional banking relationship
  • Central account management

    Manage all your accounts centrally in CMT via your e-finance login:

    • Third-party bank accounts connected via EBICS or SWIFT
    • Enter payments directly in CMT or upload as a file
    • Liquidity overview of all accounts, including preview based on payments already entered
    • Self-management of authorizations for third-party bank accounts
    • Plan liquidity for all accounts

    If you use an accounting system, you can import your payment details via an EBICS connection and manage them centrally in CMT. 

  • Benefit from a free three-month trial period, after which the following monthly prices apply:

    Number of banking relationshipsEBICSSWIFT
    Number of banking relationships
    One to three banks
    CHF 10
    CHF 20
    Number of banking relationships
    Four to six banks
    CHF 25
    CHF 35
    Number of banking relationships
    Seven to ten banks
    CHF 50
    CHF 60
    Number of banking relationships
    More than ten banks
    On request
    On request

    Integration of PostFinance accounts also counts as a banking relationship.