Annual Report

The current PostFinance Ltd Annual Report

In the financial year 2020, PostFinance generated earnings before tax (EBT) as per Group IFRS guidelines of 93 million francs.

The decrease in profit of 131 million francs is primarily due to a decline of 69 million francs in net trading income and a drop in net interest income of 41 million francs as a result of market conditions. At the same time, operating expenses increased by 18 million francs. Due to various pricing measures, the result from commission business and services remained at around the previous year’s level.

Annual report and overview of key figures

Here you can find an overview of the key financial figures for financial year 2020.

Interview with the CEO

In this interview, PostFinance CEO Hansruedi Köng reflects on the result for this financial year and on the Digital powerhouse strategy period that has just finished. A glimpse into the future shows that PostFinance will be accelerating digital transformation in the forthcoming SpeedUp strategy period and will focus on four key priorities.

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