Annual Report

The current PostFinance Ltd Annual Report

PostFinance posted a profit of 190 million francs for the 2022 financial year based on ARB rules – that’s 33 million francs down on the previous year.

As a result of the Swiss National Bank’s (SNB) historic decision to return to positive policy interest rates, PostFinance was able to cancel its customer asset fees for private and business customers with effect from 1 October 2022. At the same time, PostFinance suffered a loss of income from negative interest rates on the interbank money market. This was offset by new positive returns from interest on credit balances at the SNB. Long-term interest rates on the capital market had already risen significantly in 2022, making it possible to achieve gradually higher returns on financial investments. In total, this led to an 80 million franc reduction in net interest income year-on-year, as the immediate discontinuation of negative interest rates had a much greater impact than higher income from financial investments, which takes time to accrue. 

Annual report and overview of key figures

Here you can find an overview of the key financial figures for financial year 2022.

Interview with the CEO

In this interview, PostFinance CEO Hansruedi Köng reflects on the result for this financial year and on the first year of the new SpeedUp strategy period. A glimpse into the future shows that PostFinance customers can look forward to a variety of innovations and that the company will continue to focus heavily on the issue of corporate responsibility.

Presentation of the CEO annual press conference

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