Beware of fraudulent calls

Fraudsters are currently calling customers claiming to be PostFinance employees. The purpose of the call is to gain access to e-finance. The caller often uses the pretext that the victim’s e-finance has been hacked. Victims are urged to install software or apps on their computer or smartphone to perform a security check. If you receive a call of this kind, you should immediately break the connection – this is a case of fraud.

PostFinance will never ask you to do the following by telephone:

  • install third-party software on your computer
  • install apps on your smartphone
  • to reveal security elements
  • deactivate security functions on your devices

If you receive a call of this kind or if you have disclosed e-finance security elements or information about your PostFinance Card, please contact our hotline immediately on 0848 888 710 (max. CHF0.08/min. in Switzerland).

More information on voice phishing can be found in the blog post “What is vishing and how can you protect yourself from it?”.