Sustainable innovations

Greater sustainability through innovation

Innovation paves the way for sustainable banking. We’re always looking for innovative solutions that have a positive impact on society and the environment. One example is our CO2 calculator that allows our customers to view and influence their carbon footprint.

CO2 calculator from PostFinance

PostFinance’s CO2 calculator provides customers with a tool that allows them to view the carbon footprint produced by their personal consumption. As individuals we can exert great leverage by changing our consumption patterns to live more sustainable lives. And that’s exactly where the CO2 calculator comes into its own. Your carbon footprint is calculated by monitoring your daily consumption based on your card transactions and enables comparison with other PostFinance customers. 

Sustainable innovations

Our VNTR | Innovation & Venturing innovation team is experimenting, piloting and innovating in future-related areas. One of the strategically relevant areas is impact banking where VNTR is driving forward ideas for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the environment and society. VNTR promotes a culture of error tolerance and places great emphasis on the potential of PostFinance employees to produce innovations by contributing and driving forward ideas themselves – which is how the CO2 calculator was created. VNTR embraces open innovation by collaborating with many different startups, companies, universities of applied sciences and traditional universities.

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