Retirement funds

Return-oriented saving for your old age

Do you want to invest retirement capital from your retirement savings account 3a or vested benefits account in retirement funds? With PostFinance retirement funds, you participate in trends on the financial markets. You can invest with ease via a standing order for retirement funds or a retirement funds saving plan.

Return-oriented retirement savingsReturn-oriented retirement savings

Receive 100 francs now if you purchase retirement funds worth at least 5,000 francs by 30 November 2021.

The payment will be made by the end of January 2022 exclusively to a PostFinance private or savings account held in your name. This offer can be used once per customer.

Retirement funds: flexible retirement planning

  • Return-oriented saving for your old age

  • Four funds with different proportions of shares

  • Flexible inpayments and commission-free switching between retirement funds

  • Low fund management costs thanks to passive management

  • Discounted or free private account management if you have invested assets of at least CHF 25,000

Information on investments

Owing to legal provisions, PostFinance may not make all information on the financial portal available to all customers.

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