Payment order

Have payments made by PostFinance

A payment order is a quick, easy and convenient means of paying your bills. You mail your payment documents to PostFinance and we do the rest.

Payment order: for any type of bill

  • Send all your payment documents to PostFinance with a single payment order

  • The execution date can be freely selected

  • Have bills paid by PostFinance on a selected date

  • Amount is debited directly from your account 

    1. Request a payment order form from PostFinance
    2. Enter the number of payment documents, the total amount and the execution date
    3. Sign the payment order

    Payment slip with QR code: please only send us the payment part in A6 format, not the entire QR bill (A4 format). Orders can contain red, orange and white payment slips.

    Hand in the order, together with the payment documents, at the post office counter in a franked envelope or use the letter boxes at the post offices. In municipalities offering a home delivery service, give the letter to the mail carrier (in Switzerland).

  • Cost of payment order

    Ordering payment orders, per set of 25 forms
    Free of charge
    Executing a payment order
    Free of charge

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