Foreign currency

Cash for travelling

With foreign currency from PostFinance, you are well prepared for your holidays. Order your banknotes in one of 70 foreign currencies in e-finance or by telephone and have the money delivered conveniently to your home or place of work.

Foreign currency: Have cash conveniently delivered to your home

  • Cash (notes) can be delivered to private or business addresses across Switzerland

  • Around 70 currencies (main and second-line currencies) to choose from

  • Order amount: equivalent of min. CHF 100 and max. CHF 100,000

  • Order via private or savings account in CHF, EUR or USD

  • The following major currencies can be ordered:

    United States dollar
    Swiss Franc
    Australian dollar
    Canadian dollar
    Czech koruna
    Danish krone
    British pound
    Hong Kong dollar
    Japanese yen
    Norwegian krone
    New Zealand dollar
    Swedish krone
    Singapore dollar
    Thai baht
    Turkish lira


    Other non-major currencies can be requested in e-finance or can be viewed via the following link.

  • Information on the individual countries and their currency regulations can be obtained from our partner, Swiss Bankers.

  • All currencies can be ordered via an account in CHF. It is only possible to order EUR or USD notes from an account in EUR or USD.

    From an account in CHF
    • CHF 8/order
    • 1.5% premium of the order amount (min. CHF 10 / max. CHF 250)
    From an account in EUR
    • EUR 8/order
    • 1% premium of the order amount
    From an account in USD
    • USD 8/order
    • 1% premium of the order amount

    The exchange rate applicable at the time each order is submitted shall be applied.

  • Delivery

    • The currency is delivered by Swiss Bankers
    • Delivery is possible throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein

    Delivery period

    • Orders received by 3 p.m. on weekdays are generally delivered the next working day
    • Orders received after 3 p.m. on weekdays are delivered in two working days
    • In the event of a simultaneous order of cash in an unusual currency and for consignments in excess of the equivalent of CHF 20,000, delivery time is 2 to 3 working days

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