Construction loan

Build your dream home

The construction loan from PostFinance is the ideal loan for construction projects for new builds. PostFinance settles all bills for you during the building phase.

Commendation for PostFinance mortgages

Users of the comparison service give PostFinance a good rating for its mortgage services. customer satisfaction mortgages good 5.1 (06/2022)

Construction loan: flexible and individual

  • Free account management

  • PostFinance settles all the bills you receive while work is underway on your new home

  • You keep an overview of your building account

  • There are no repayments while construction is in progress

  • By financing your project with a PostFinance fixed-rate mortgage, you ensure that your interest payments remain unchanged over the long term 

  • Preconditions

    • Natural persons with permanent domicile in Switzerland
    • Swiss citizens and foreign nationals with B or C residence permits


    We offer flexible building loans to help you buy your dream home, whether it is built by a general contractor or whether you have a single-family home, a condominium or a holiday home constructed according to your own wishes and plans.

    Start of term
    On granting of credit limit
    Max. 2 years
    Interest rate and commission
    Variable, no credit commission
    Minimum amount
    CHF 150,000
    Interest statement
    Quarterly to the end of the quarter
    Account management
    Free of charge (charges only incurred if your finances are not consolidated with PostFinance: 0.5% of the maximum loan amount utilized, minimum of CHF 500)
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  • Building account in current account form

    You can finance your construction project with a construction loan in current account form. We grant you a variable interest loan on the building account. Once the construction work has been completed, your loan debt on the building account is repaid by your mortgage. You are left with a mortgage debt.

    Partial consolidation

    You can convert a part of your construction loan into a mortgage before building work is complete.


    You are free to use the available financing limit both before and throughout the construction phase:

    • As a current account in your variable rate building account
    • As a mortgage with a free choice from the full range of mortgages on offer with differing interest rate commitments
  • Current interest rate (for new business)

    Mortgage interest rates valid as of 27.01.2023

    The construction loan interest rate is 2.25 percent.

    Reminder fees

    Reminder fees are charged on outstanding payments.

    Third-party costs

    Third-party fees will be passed on to the customer.


    If finances are not consolidated with PostFinance: 0.5% of the highest loan amount used, or at least CHF 500.

  • PostFinance works with the following cooperation partners to offer financing services: Valiant Bank AG, Berne and Münchener Hypothekenbank eG, Munich.

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