Yuh: the 3-in-1 app

Pay, save, invest − all in a single app
Benefit now

Yuh enables you to pay, save and invest with a single app. It’s as easy as can be, but with the backing and security of two leading Swiss banks: PostFinance and Swissquote. Yuh provides a range of free digital services for managing your finances entirely independently.

Benefit nowBenefit now

If you register now and make an initial transfer of 500 francs, you’ll receive 500 Swissqoins as a gift.

Yuh: a completely digital service

  • No account management fee

  • Free multicurrency Debit Mastercard®

  • Direct access to 13 cryptocurrencies – unique in Switzerland

  • Profit-sharing with Swissqoins – an innovative cryptotoken

  • Backed by two banks that are well-known throughout Switzerland: PostFinance and Swissquote

    • You are of legal age
    • You are domiciled in Switzerland
    • You have a smartphone

    By opting for this free service, you agree not to use PostFinance’s consulting services. Your finances will be managed digitally and entirely independently with the app.

  • For PostFinance customers with e-finance login details

    • Have your e-finance login details ready
    • Download the Yuh App from the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the “Become a customer” instructions
    • Create your login – you can now benefit from accounts and investment opportunities right away

    If you do not have any e-finance login details or are not a PostFinance customer, you can still use the Yuh App. Please keep your identification document (passport or ID) and proof of residence (e.g. an invoice that includes your address) ready. In addition to these steps, an initial transfer from an account in your name is required.

  • The app enables you to manage your finances entirely independently and to pay, save and invest. This service is the result of a collaboration between PostFinance and Swissquote and works completely digitally in the app.


    When you choose the Yuh App, you benefit from the following services:

    • Free multicurrency Debit Mastercard®
    • 12 pre-installed currencies, all under one IBAN
    • No fees, and always the current exchange rate for all currencies
    • Send money to mobile numbers
    • Scan + Pay


    One-time transfers or standing orders – you determine the rules and your savings goals.
    You can access your money at all times. You will receive regular updates on your savings progress to ensure that you can focus on saving for your goals.


    Trade with the 13 largest cryptocurrencies whenever you want. You invest in areas and sectors that are important to you. Choose from over 100 of the most popular shares. And thanks to the ESG ranking (environmental, social and corporate governance issues), it has never been easier to invest in companies with the same moral compass as you.


    Yuh is the first finance app that shares its profits with its users. This is why Yuh has launched Swissqoin, an innovative cryptotoken that is hedged by a constantly growing supply of Swiss francs, as 10 percent of Yuh’s profits flow back to its customers. It’s a unique concept: the more you use the app, the more Swissqoins you receive and the more you benefit from Yuh’s success.

Download the app

Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play.

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