Private account in foreign currency

The account for international payment transactions

The PostFinance private account in foreign currency is the ideal basis for international payment transactions outside of the eurozone.

Private account in foreign currency: payment transactions without the currency risk

  • Ideal for international payment transactions

  • Available in eight currencies (USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, DKK, NOK, SEK)

  • Low-cost account management

  • Unlimited withdrawal options

  • Available as an individual or partner account

  • Monthly account statement

  • Australian dollar (AUD)
    Canadian dollar (CAD)
    Danish krone (DKK)
    Pound sterling (GBP)
    Japanese yen (JPY)
    Norwegian krone (NOK)
    Swedish krona (SEK)
    United States dollar (USD)
    • Annual account statement with interest statement
    • Monthly account statement
    • Unlimited withdrawal options
    • Available as an individual or partner account
  • Account management & withdrawals for the private account in foreign currency

    From 1 July our accounts and services will be bundled together in banking packages.

    Account management
    Free account management from CHF 25,000 in investment assets or with a capital-growth life insurance plan or mortgage, otherwise CHF 5/month
    Investment assets include:
    • Fund investments (incl. retirement funds within the scope of pillar 3a and vested benefits at PostFinance)
    • Custody account assets in e-trading (excluding cash).
    Customers domiciled abroad
    CHF 25/month per account, irrespective of assets
  • Close your current bank account

      Please fill in at least the first page
    1. Sign the form
    2. Send it to your current bank
  • How can I transfer money internationally?

    You can transfer money internationally in two different ways:

    • Cash payment using Cash international
    • Account transfer using Giro international

    You can execute both credit transfer methods in writing with a payment order or in e-finance.

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