SEPA direct debit scheme (SEPA Direct Debit)

Easy and convenient EUR direct debit

The SEPA direct debit scheme allows you to settle invoices free of charge and automatically via direct debit.

SEPA Direct Debit: the European direct debit scheme in EUR

    • Easy and free payment of goods and services in EUR

    • Pay invoices across Europe: direct debit from your account

    • Optional recurring or one-off debit option

  • As a private customer, you can pay with SEPA Core Direct Debit. You have a right of objection for eight weeks following the debit, without having to state a reason. The basis for debiting is a valid SEPA Core Direct Debit Mandate from the debtor.

    SEPA Core Direct Debit Mandate procedure

    1. The invoice issuer provides the debtor with the SEPA Core Direct Debit Mandate
    2. The debtor returns the fully completed SEPA Core Direct Debit Mandate to the invoice issuer
  • SEPA Core Direct Debit

    Debtors have a general right of objection within eight weeks (56 calendar days) from the date of debit, without having to give a reason. In the case of unauthorized debits (non-existent or invalid SEPA Core Direct Debit mandates), the right of objection applies for 13 months from the date of the debit. This must be claimed as soon as you become aware of the debit.

    In the event of an objection, the following information is required: your own PostFinance account number or IBAN, the booking date, the amount and the name and address of the invoice issuer.

    Send your objection to:

    PostFinance Ltd
    Scan Center
    3002 Bern