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Created on 19.02.2018

What is a funds saving plan actually?

Are you looking to regularly put money aside but want to receive a better return than on a savings account? A funds saving plan could be the right option for you.

In simple terms, a funds saving plan is a standing order with investments in a fund. As with a standing order, you decide whether you wish to contribute fortnightly, monthly, every two months or quarterly. This can be done starting at CHF 20 per inpayment and you can change the amount any time you wish.

The benefits of a funds saving plan

Freedom of choice and flexibility – you decide how much you wish to invest, when and in which fund. You also have the option of closing your funds saving plan at any time and selling the units at the current price. Alternatively, you can take out the assets you have accrued using a fund withdrawal plan.

Reducing risk: funds are subject to price fluctuations which depend on stock market trends. By making regular inpayments through a funds saving plan, you benefit from the cost averaging effect – fewer fund units are purchased when prices are high and more when they are low. The cost averaging effect evens out price fluctuations reducing the risk of unfavourable timing of investment. A funds saving plan allows you to accrue systematic assets.

Who is a funds saving plan suitable for?

A funds saving plan is ideal for anyone seeking to systematically accrue assets and who wishes to regularly invest at least CHF 20. You can open a funds saving plan directly in e-finance or with your customer advisor.

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