For children and young people

Youngsters have lots of big ambitions. These change when they start receiving pocket money or a youth salary, and knowing how to manage their money properly then becomes a more pressing issue too. PostFinance will support you and your son or daughter with the right banking packages and products.

It’s good to start saving up early

It is never too early to start building up a nest egg for your loved ones.

If you regularly pay into a youth savings account with a preferential interest rate or into a funds saving plan, your son or daughter will be able to fulfil greater ambitions later or get off to a good start in education/training.

Manage money independently

As soon as your son or daughter starts earning pocket money or a youth salary, they start learning how to be responsible with their money. It’s then time for them to get a youth account (available to youngsters aged 12+) with their very own card.

By using e-finance or the PostFinance App, you and your son or daughter will have full control over all account transactions at all times. Does your son or daughter already have a smartphone? TWINT, which can be used to make straightforward payments when with friends or on the go, is of course also included.

Find out more

Pocket money or salary? Parents can find lots of useful information in our Money blog about all sorts of financial topics.

Our training tools MoneyFit, card2brain and PostDoc go through core financial skills in a fun and engaging way.

The Peeps app, which does things a bit differently, is free for customers under 30. As well as inspiration, there are also lots of great prizes to be won.

Welcome to PostFinance

With our free banking packages designed especially for children and young people, your son or daughter will get off to a good start managing their own money in a straightforward, responsible way.