For children and young people

Youngsters have a lot of big ambitions. It is a great idea to start saving up early on. A youth account or youth savings account is ideal for children and young people. Money can be paid into all accounts, with interest on the youth savings account being slightly higher. An even more profitable venture could be to invest in a funds saving plan. PostFinance also helps children and young people become more financially independent with accounts tailored to their needs as well as learning and information tools.

It’s a good idea to start saving up early

It is never too early to start building up a nest egg for your loved ones. By regularly paying into a youth savings account or a funds saving plan, you’ll be able to fulfil greater ambitions later on or embark upon the education or training of your choice. E-finance allows you to keep track of your savings at all times.

Manage money independently

If your son or daughter has reached an age where they have to manage their own pocket money, it’s high time they had their own youth account (for children aged 12+) with a preferential interest rate, free account management and a PostFinance Card. With the PostFinance App, your son or daughter will have complete control over all their account activity. PostFinance TWINT – the handy app for making payments in online shops, in stores or with friends – is also really useful.

For all those who like giving gifts

Legal representatives can open a youth savings account in the name of a child/young person. Family members and related parties can easily help young people finance their plans for the future by paying money into the youth savings account.

Godparents and grandparents can open their own savings account with an additional name (niece/nephew or grandchild) to give their loved ones a good start to their future. They can have the savings paid out or transfer the amount to their loved ones at any time.

Learn the fun way

Our online aids The link will open in a new window MoneyFit, The link will open in a new window card2brain and The link will open in a new window PostDoc go through core financial skills, including budgeting, in a fun and engaging way. We help our young customers reach a point where they can manage their money independently. 

Discover the world

If you go to The link will open in a new window, you can find plenty of inspiration and fun activities, as well as a host of great prizes that are up for grabs. 

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