For apprentices and students

A lot can happen during an apprenticeship, studies or training. People who rely on appropriate, secure Swiss financial products can enjoy some peace of time. Discover the perfect banking package for this stage of your life, and beyond too.

Moved away from home, or perhaps you’ve earned your first pay cheque?

Money management is also very important during an apprenticeship, studies or training. Managing your money properly on a day-to-day basis or later on in life all starts with finding the right banking products.

Start off with the free SmartStudents banking package, which includes a basic student account, cards and online banking with the PostFinance App & TWINT. This should cover everything you need.

Of course, this package also includes customer service and the right kind of support for you – whether online, over the phone or in person at one of our branches.

Make sure you always have enough cash, and even get some back

During studies or training, time and money are always a bit of an issue. Still, with the free credit card or prepaid card you get with the SmartStudents banking package, you can be flexible about making payments in Switzerland and around the world. You also benefit from automatic cashback on your purchases.

You’ll be able to keep track of your outgoings at all times with TWINT and the PostFinance App, the fully-fledged online banking service on your smartphone. Plus: your PostFinance credit card clearly supports Apple Pay, Google Pay and other mobile payment providers.

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The Peeps app, which does things a bit differently, is free for customers under 30. As well as inspiration, there are also lots of great prizes to be won.

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Open your new, free-of-charge SmartStudents banking package now, which includes a student account and cards, and reap the rewards:

  • A free credit card or prepaid card
  • Free cash withdrawals at all terminals