For apprentices and students

You will need the right tools so that you can take on some financial responsibility when you start uni or your apprenticeship. How about a handy youth account (for customers up to the age of 20) or student account, or, as a supplement, a suitable financial investment?

Looking for financial support?

Either for an apprenticeship, for university or advanced training? The free SmartStudents banking package, which includes a student account and a credit card, is ideal for apprentices and students aged 18 to 30. By using the PostFinance App, you will be able to manage your finances at all times no trouble at all. PostFinance TWINT is the perfect complement for even more flexibility.

What do to with your wages?

Just had your first big salary payment through? Use e-finance to keep track of your finances and to budget smartly. With the right financial investment, you can turn dreams into reality. Or you might want to set money aside in a 3a retirement savings account. 

Finally time to move out?

You’ve finished your apprenticeship, and you’re planning on finding your own apartment or a flat share? Come up with a budget and manage what’s left over at the end of the month. With the PostFinance App, you can keep track of your finances at all times. You can also buy digital credit for gaming and streaming in a heartbeat. And why not try out PostFinance TWINT, the handy app for making payments in online shops, in stores or with friends.

Want to make your money work for you?

As you lay the groundwork for your career, what are your savings doing? Nothing? In that case, make those savings work for you by investing them, for instance in a funds saving plan, which you can invest small sums into on a regular basis. Get the investment knowledge you need by checking out the investment blog or find out about financial markets and the global economy in our Investment Compass so that you make the right decisions.

Your next trip

Once you’re ready to travel with everything you need for making payments abroad, you can sit back, relax and simply look forward to your next trip. We recommend a suitable combination of cards and cash. That way, you will always have money at hand wherever you are in the world.

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