International payments

Payments abroad from Switzerland

PostFinance offers many opportunities to make payments abroad easily, quickly and cheaply: be it an account transfer, using a credit card or a cash transfer.

Giro international SEPA

Make transfers in euros in EU countries easily, quickly and free of charge.

Giro international worldwide

Worldwide credit transfers in over 30 currencies.

Credit cards

Pay conveniently from home using a credit card: whether hotels, rental cars or concert tickets.

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Cash transfers abroad

With “Cash international” you can send cash to people abroad without knowing their account number.

Account in foreign currency

If you regularly make transfers in a foreign currency, the foreign currency account is the ideal solution.

Foreign currency

Top up your foreign currency account conveniently using an account transfer or use the “Foreign exchange trading” tile in e-finance with real-time exchange rates.

Forward and spot transactions: find out about the various options for foreign exchange trading.

Holiday money

Do you need cash or other payment methods for your time abroad?

Foreign currency: have the required cash delivered to your house in the desired foreign currency.

Travel Cash card: with the reloadable prepaid card you can pay worldwide in over 36 million stores, hotels and restaurants and withdraw cash from more than 2 million ATMs.

Credit from abroad

Simple, quick and secure, and with no credit fees.

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