PostFinance Card Pay in EUR

Inpayments without currency losses

The PostFinance Card Pay in EUR can be used to pay in cash to your own account – at any post office. The transferable paying-in card does not allow any other account access and can therefore be easily transferred to other people. Avoid possible currency fluctuations for inpayments in EUR.

PostFinance Card Pay in EUR: quick access to your balance

  • Inpayments may be made in CHF or EUR

  • Your balance can be accessed quickly as your account is credited on the same day as your inpayment

  • The transferable card with restricted account access can be transferred to other people without signing rights

  • Entirely paperless process

  • Requirement

    To be able to pay in using the PostFinance Card Pay in EUR, you need a business account in EUR or an association account in EUR.

    Inpayment options

    At post offices that accept euros, cash can be paid in in EUR (notes only) and in CHF (notes and coins). 

  • Annual fee

    The PostFinance Card Pay in EUR costs CHF 12 per year.

    Card usage

    Up to 20 inpayments per month can be made to your own account for free. From 21 inpayments per month, fees are chargeable as for inpayments at post office.

    Card blocking and card replacement

    In the event of loss or theft, cards can be blocked for CHF 20 per notification and a replacement card arranged for CHF 40.

Order PostFinance Card Pay in EUR for cash inpayments

To order a PostFinance Card Pay from PostFinance, you must first become a customer. As a business customer with an existing banking relationship with PostFinance, you can easily order the PostFinance Card Pay online now.

You are a new business customer

For all customers who don’t yet have a business relationship with PostFinance

You are already a business customer

For existing business customers who want to pay with EUR in cash

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