Account overdraft limit

For flexible account management

Bridge liquidity shortfalls with an account overdraft limit. For optimum cash management that gives you greater leeway in terms of liquidity.

Account overdraft limit: make sure you always have enough liquidity

  • Limits for bridging liquidity shortfalls in payment transactions

  • Account overdraft up to 20,000 francs (up to equivalent value in foreign currency also possible)

  • Competitive interest rates and transparent conditions

  • The following requirements must be met for a limit application:

    • Small and medium-sized enterprise domiciled in Switzerland
    • Business account has existed for at least 12 months
    • Sufficient creditworthiness (current extract from the debt collection register)
    • Revenue on business account
    • No active COVID-19 loan
  • Current interest conditions
    Term / Overdraft duration

    The account overdraft serves to bridge short-term liquidity shortfall. The requested overdraft limit is granted for a maximum of one month (30 days). The account must have a positive balance at least once a month or at the latest once the time limit has expired.

    The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and can be cancelled in writing by either party at any time without giving reasons.
    CHF or foreign currency
    • Interest only on actual credit amount requested
    • No stand-by charge and no credit commission
    • Credit limit possible without collateral