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CH-DD B2B direct debit continues to gather pace

There are two direct debit schemes for national direct debits in the Swiss financial center:

  • CH-DD direct debit from PostFinance for debiting PostFinance accounts
  • LSV+/BDD (direct debit scheme for the Swiss banks) for debiting bank accounts

The direct debit schemes are not interoperable. This means:

  • No bank accounts can be debited with CH-DD direct debits
  • No PostFinance accounts can be debited with LSV+/BDD

Established and reliable CH-DD direct debit

Through the CH-DD direct debit service, PostFinance offers companies a modern and reliable direct debit scheme in ISO format – and in two versions: in the business-to-customer sector, the CH-DD core direct debit (with right of objection) has been in use for many years; in the business-to-business sector, the CH-DD B2B direct debit (without right of objection) is available.

CH-DD B2B direct debit without right of objection

The service is aimed at financially strong, medium-sized to large PostFinance business customers who regularly use direct debit. It is suitable for forward transactions (“delivery against payment” principle) and for the collection of large amounts, such as those found in the pharmaceutical industry, oil companies, the travel industry or customs offices. Only business customers can be debited.

Some details on the CH-DD B2B direct debit


Invoice issuers can collect receivables in Swiss francs and euros from their customers electronically. This requires financial accounting software with an integrated CH-DD direct debit interface.

ISO 20022 messages

CH-DD direct debit orders are processed as pain.008 XML messages (ISO format).

Payment authorization

The basis for the collection of direct debits is the CH-DD B2B direct debit payment authorization. This is exchanged between the invoice issuer and the payer. The direct debit payer must submit the payment authorization to PostFinance for activation prior to the first direct debit.

Multiple debit attempt value-added service

PostFinance offers its customers the “multiple debit attempt” additional service free of charge with the CH-DD direct debit service. This allows transactions that could not be debited on the due date to be submitted again on the third and/or fifth Swiss Post working day.

Useful tip: invoice issuers request this service from PostFinance. No code is required for this in the financial accounting software.

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