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Created on 25.11.2022

Collect donations digitally with eBill Donations

Collect donations, completely digitally. It’s now possible. This saves you time, money and paper. The new donation function from eBill enables you to handle campaigns completely digitally – from donation requests to transfers.

A lot of money is donated on a regular basis in Switzerland. In 2021 alone, Swiss charitable organizations received over 2 billion francs in donations. Digital solutions are becoming increasingly important as well. This is because donation appeals by post, or cash donations, are just not in keeping with the times anymore. The coverage wastage is too great. The new eBill Donations function takes this shift towards digital preferences into account. It allows charitable organizations to process donations completely online.

What is eBill Donations?

eBill Donations is an exclusive solution for non-profit organizations (NPOs). It is based on eBill technology, the Swiss standard for issuing invoices directly to customers’ e-banking. The new donation function enables you to manage campaigns completely digitally, from donation requests to transfers. This means that you can reach your donors precisely where they pay their invoices: in their online banking.

To do this, you send a request as a PDF, and can suggest various donation amounts. Donors can also determine the amount themselves. The same applies for the purpose of the donation. To distinguish them from invoices, donation requests are marked with a label.

What are the benefits of using eBill Donations?

Collecting donations online makes sense for many reasons. eBill Donations offers the following advantages:

  • eBill as a brand and its incorporation into e-banking give donation requests the legitimacy they need. This creates trust. The fact that they are located next to the invoices, which people check on a regular basis, draws a lot of attention to them. At that point, just one click is all it takes to complete the transfer. Making donations has never been this easy.


  • Traditional donation requests by post are often expensive. Printing and sending them, and processing returns, eats up a lot of money. Collection campaigns in public spaces also tend to be costly. If you go fully digital, you save yourself many of these costs. This eases the burden on your budget, with no cost-cutting measures needed.

  • The eBill Donations process doesn’t involve any media disruptions. In other words, you can manage your donation campaign entirely via a single channel. This makes your life easier. Requests are sent on an automated basis and potential donors are displayed.

  • The digital donation function gives you access to 2.5 million people who are already used to receiving their invoices digitally and paying them in e-banking. Your donation campaigns will benefit from this.

  • Before you can send off a donation request, donors must actively add the relevant organization. This ensures that your request always reaches your target group.

  • NPOs can get in touch regularly with their donors via eBill Donations. That way, you build up a relationship that lasts across multiple campaigns and offers long-term value.

  • Keep a constant eye on the success of your campaigns. eBill Donations notifies you how many requests have been successfully delivered and how many resulted in a donation.

What you need to use the service as an NPO

Anyone looking to use eBill Donations must meet two requirements:

  • eBill Donations is available to all charitable or non-profit organizations that are ZEWO-certified or tax exempt. This requirement is first checked during registration, and then at regular intervals after that.
  • In order to use this service, you connect to the eBill infrastructure through a network partner such as PostFinance.
This page has an average rating of %r out of 5 stars based on a total of %t ratings
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