The right time for branding

When should you start building up your brand?

Branding begins even before your launch. So, you’ve already developed your original idea and know exactly how you want to position your startup on the market? Then it’s time to start working on branding!

An ingenious idea and existing customer requirements are a good basis for a startup. Your foundation is even more solid if you know exactly which area you wish to specialize in with your products or services. You must also identify your strengths precisely so that you can build your strategy on them.

If you’ve developed your plan and laid the foundations for your company, you can move directly onto branding before you even launch your products on the market or officially begin providing your services. The notion that first impressions count is also true of companies! Your first customers will form an opinion of your company from the moment you enter into contact with them. Whether it’s posters, online advertising, products or your employees themselves – everything that’s part of your company’s image should convey a uniform identity from the outset. Only by ensuring a consistent identity will your company successfully develop its own personality.

Oh, and by the way – have you protected your brand? Trademark law issues have put a spanner in the works for many startups. Check beforehand to make sure your preferred brand name is actually still available and meets the criteria for trademark protection. If so, protect your new company name by entering it in the Swiss trademark register (Swissreg). More details on this can be found at