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Created on 08.08.2019

“Workplace health management is part of the culture”

“Health Promotion Switzerland” has awarded PostFinance the “Friendly Work Space” label for the fourth time. This year it obtained a score of 4.98 out of 5. What is PostFinance doing right and where can it improve? We put three questions to Noémi Swoboda, head of the awarding office for the label.

Why is health promotion important in companies?

The most important resources of service companies are their employees. If they are unable to work or can only work with reduced efficiency, this has a direct impact on the company’s success. Today, companies in Switzerland lose out on 6.5 billion francs of productivity gains per year because employees are unable to work properly due to health problems. Strategic workplace health management that is an established part of corporate culture is the basis for keeping employees healthy and efficient in a constantly changing working environment.

Why is PostFinance so successful at obtaining the label?

PostFinance has systemically implemented workplace health management for a long time. PostFinance has always based the structure of its workplace health management on clear quality criteria. PostFinance was first awarded the “Friendly Work Space” label in 2009. The workplace health management team at PostFinance has always taken into account the latest findings from science and business. PostFinance plans workplace health management in a strategic manner and measures its effectiveness and benefits. Even top management regularly addresses employee health and the attainment of targets in connection with workplace health management measures. Over the years, workplace health management has become part of the PostFinance culture. 

Where can PostFinance still improve?

As digitization progresses, work and culture in companies are changing at a fast pace – and the rate will even increase over the next few years. Employees are facing new challenges. This is having an effect on the use of capacities in the workplace. In order to keep PostFinance employees healthy and efficient, PostFinance is faced with the challenge of establishing a future-proof workplace health management system which also takes into account the increasing agility of organizational and working methods.

About Noémi Swoboda

Noémi Swoboda has been a project manager at Health Promotion Switzerland since 2015. She is responsible for training and support in connection with the “Friendly Work Space” label, and heads its awarding office.

About the “Health Promotion Switzerland” foundation

The “Health Promotion Switzerland” foundation is tasked with proposing, coordinating and evaluating measures to promote health and protect against illnesses.

Do you too have a pioneering spirit? Take a look at our job vacancies. PostFinance is also proud to have been awarded various employer labels on numerous occasions. 

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