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Created on 09.06.2020

Work-life blending: when the boundaries between work and free time become blurred

Blended together rather than kept strictly separate: if someone combines work with free time, then they have opted for work-life blending. Just like these three PostFinance employees.

Each of us essentially has just one job, but we also have other vocations and passions we want to pursue as well. For employees who prefer to find a way of blending their work and free time for this very reason rather than keeping everything strictly separate, work-life blending is the ideal option. It is on the opposite end of the spectrum to the work-life balance model, where work and free time are systematically kept apart.

Room for manoeuvre thanks to flexible working hours

People who prefer a work-life blending approach, on the other hand, appreciate the fact they can also work during off-peak times. This approach requires options such as part-time work, flexible working hours, working from home or unpaid holiday. PostFinance provides these options, which gives employees the chance to pursue other passions or to look after their families. These three employees have opted for a work-life blend:

What it’s like in practice

In addition to working for PostFinance, Roger Wittwer also runs his own company. “I spend 60% of my time as an information security specialist with PostFinance, and I also run my own company, in addition to being a family man,” he explains. It’s all thanks to flexible working models that the owner of coffee roasting company Kafischmitte is able to keep on top of everything. “I work wherever I’m needed, either from home or in the office.” Whenever he travels to buy coffee beans, he can either make up for the time by doing overtime, or take it as holiday.

Sabrina Colombi has a second passion in life working as a model. “I work for PostFinance 80% of the time,” the assistant to the Head of Communication tells us. “On Friday, I enjoy a change of scenery from my everyday office routine.” She has a fixed day off each week, and can even change this every once in a while thanks to her flexible line manager. “In return, it goes without saying that, on this day, I make sure I’m also available to step in for people at the last minute or to attend meetings whenever I’m needed.”

Philipp Gasser is a floorball coach when he’s not working in the social media team at PostFinance, which takes up 90% of his time. “If there is more work that needs doing on a project, or on specific days, then I can do overtime at a later date,” he says. Thanks to his reduced workload and the fact he can work from home, he gets the flexibility he needs for his coaching role.  

Being able to work just the way you want

More and more employees want their role to be as flexible as possible. Whether this is a work-life blend or work-life balance will ultimately always depend on the individual, and of course on the options the employer provides and what the position permits. 

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