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CO2 calculator: What is your personal carbon footprint for consumption?

On the road to more sustainability together: PostFinance’s CO2 calculator is a tool that customers can use to view and manage the carbon footprint of their own personal consumption based on their card transactions. Key questions and answers on the CO2 calculator:

PostFinance is on the road to greater sustainability (see info box), and is taking its customers along on the journey. Climate protection concerns us all, and everyone can do their bit to help reduce CO2 emissions. And as a general rule: the better informed people are, the more effective their action. Did you know, for instance, that the main drivers of CO2 emissions are private individuals? According to the The link will open in a new window environmental audit of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office , transport, food and household purchases account for these emissions. PostFinance’s new CO2 calculator is a tool that enables customers not only to categorize the CO2 emissions of their personal consumption based on their card transactions, but also to change and offset these emissions. The greatest potential for individuals lies in changing our own personal consumer behaviour. This is why it’s so important we understand and analyse the carbon footprint of our own personal consumption.

How can the CO2 calculator benefit me?

If you use PostFinance’s CO2 calculator, you can see how large the carbon footprint of your own personal consumption is, and how these emissions stack up against the Paris Agreement’s climate targets. The CO2 calculator also shows you ways to offset or neutralize your CO2 emissions (see last question: And now: What can I do?) We want the calculator to make it easier for you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

What exactly is the Paris Agreement?

The Paris Agreement was reached at the UN Climate Change Conference held in December 2015. 195 nations in total signed the legally binding agreement and committed to combating climate change. The core objective of the agreement is to limit average global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius compared with pre-industrial levels, and to avoid a rise in temperature of over 1.5 degrees Celsius. These aims seek to significantly mitigate the impacts of climate change caused by rising sea levels, droughts, tropical storms and devastating forest fires.

Why does the CO2 calculator use CO2 emissions as a gauge?

It has long been well established that CO2 emissions have an impact on and indeed exacerbate climate change. CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for man-made climate change, and pose a threat to all our lives. To avoid the worst-case scenario, we must do all we can to reach the targets of the Paris Agreement. Private individuals can also do their bit by reducing their carbon footprint as quickly and effectively as possible.

What does the CO2 calculator use to calculate my carbon footprint?

The CO2 calculator from PostFinance determines the carbon footprint of your everyday consumption based on your card transactions. This records the retailer for each amount you pay using your PostFinance Card, credit card or TWINT. Each transaction is linked to a particular CO2 emission factor. This enables you to see the carbon footprint of your shopping easily, automatically and without having to enter additional information. You also have the option of entering additional preferences in the calculator directly to paint a clearer picture of your own consumption habits. Are you someone who rarely/never eats meat? Do you mostly buy seasonal or local products? Or perhaps you’re someone who does not own a car? By entering these details and additional preferences, you can have an effect on your own personal carbon footprint.

Who can view my carbon footprint from the CO2 calculator?

Your data is kept confidential and is only visible to you. By opting in, you agree to being able to view the carbon footprint of your personal consumption in your e-finance account in future.  

Who should use the CO2 calculator?

Anyone who wants to do their bit to mitigate the impact of global warming.

What does the CO2 calculator cost?

The CO2 calculator is included in your PostFinance banking package.

And now: What can I do?

The CO2 calculator does not just show you your actual CO2 emissions, it also suggests ways to offset/neutralize them   through selected partners.

Climeworks: Technology-based CO2 removal


Your financial contribution to Climeworks will help to filter CO2  out of the atmosphere using machines, which is then absorbed into the ground for thousands of years. To do this, Climeworks uses “direct air capture & storage”, an innovative method of technology-based CO2 removal. This allows CO2  to be stored on a long-term basis so that it doesn’t exacerbate climate change.

Almighty Tree: Plant trees in Switzerland

Almighty Tree

By making a financial contribution to Almighty Tree, you’re helping to fund the planting of trees in Switzerland. Trees neutralize CO emissions on a natural, lasting basis and give off oxygen. This helps keep the climate in balance. All trees are planted in Switzerland. This helps to restore forests and preserve natural diversity.

PostFinance on the road to more sustainability: Focus on environment

As a responsible company, PostFinance is environmentally conscientious. It aims to gradually reduce its CO2 footprint and – as part of Swiss Post – become carbon neutral by 2040 in terms of both its own and indirect emissions.

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