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Created on 20.08.2021

Traffic legal protection: comprehensive cover on the go

Whether you’re buying a car, involved in an accident that you are falsely accused of, or you feel you’ve received sub-standard repairs to your car: with additional traffic legal protection coverage, you will save yourself a lot of time, money and stress. You can take out this coverage as part of PostFinance legal protection insurance.

Anyone who buys or owns their own car and is frequently on the go (even on foot) is at some risk of getting involved in legal disputes. There can be many reasons for this, as the following three examples show.

Example 1: Hidden defects when buying a car

Tim B. found his dream car online – no accidents, low mileage and fantastic features. The seller, who is a professional used car trader, seemed reputable, the car looked high quality and well looked after, and the test drive was superb. Tim B. signed the written contract of sale without hesitation. But he quickly realized the car had been involved in an accident when he inspected it for the first time in his garage. When he tried to confront the seller about this, he could not get hold of him.


If you ever buy a new or used car, traffic legal protection will provide you with security. In the case of Tim B., the additional coverage would prompt a technical expert’s report and support the policyholder in making a claim for compensation. How to get what you are entitled to. Traffic legal protection can also help you if you want to avoid any disputes when buying, hiring or leasing a vehicle.

Example 2: Wrong person held responsible for an accident

One morning, Carola S. was driving to work when the vehicle behind her collided into the back of her without breaking at the traffic lights. The driver shrugged, claiming Carola S. reversed into him. He then told his car insurance company the same story, and the company refused to compensate Carola S. as a result. Even though the driver behind her was the one in the wrong, Carola S. was still at risk of having to foot the bill.


If someone blames you for an accident that wasn’t your fault, quick assistance can be a big help. Traffic protection insurance helps you make your claims for compensation against the responsible party, and generally covers legal fees, inspection costs and court fees.

Example 3: Sub-standard repair work

Martin K. goes on holiday with his family in Switzerland. As he’s driving through Valais, a stone hits the car. This leads to paint damage and an ugly dent on the bonnet. Seeing as the family will be spending the rest of the holiday hiking, and so won’t need the car, Martin K. decides to take the car to the garage. When he goes to pick up the car, he notices the damage has not been repaired, but has just been painted over. The owner of the garage is not the slightest bit interested in his complaint, and insists on being paid.


Sub-standard repair work isn’t the only thing that can lead to a legal dispute. Traffic legal protection experts can also help you out if you largely exceed a cost estimate.

Traffic legal protection additional coverage

You will always be playing it safe with a traffic legal protection policy such as the one offered by PostFinance as part of its legal protection insurance. This coverage applies to:

  • contractual-related disputes (buying, hiring, leasing) for motor vehicles and watercraft
  • Disputes over repair and maintenance works to your vehicle
  • Administrative proceedings – for instance if the vehicle licensing office wants to revoke your licence
  • etc.

Interested? You can calculate the premium for private legal protection, including any desired additional coverage such as traffic legal protection conveniently and without obligation online. If you are happy with the offer, you can take out the policy right away in just a few clicks.

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