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Created on 08.03.2023 | Updated on 02.05.2024

Paying, saving, benefiting: what PostFinance offers young customers

Talking about how young people manage their money are 14-year-old Max, apprentice Tim, and Mira, who completed her studies just a few weeks ago. What’s practical for them is that the banking packages from PostFinance can grow with them – regardless of the phase of life they find themselves in.

Max (14) is saving money for his big dream

“I get 50 francs pocket money a month from my parents. Out of this, I pay my mobile phone bill, and buy snacks and drinks when I’m out with friends. I play football in my free time. I don’t have to pay for this hobby so I usually have something left at the end of the month. I put this aside with the money I get from my godparents and grandparents for my birthday and Christmas, and my earnings as an errand boy for my neighbour. I’m a huge car fan and I dream of getting my driving licence as soon as possible and buying myself a car.”

With the free SmartYoung banking package for 12 to 20-year-olds, Max can:

  • Manage his money in the youth account
  • Save at a preferential interest rate in the youth savings account
  • Check his spending in the PostFinance App
  • Make payments and free cash withdrawals with the PostFinance Card
  • Pay on the go with TWINT
  • Load credit onto his Mastercard Value prepaid card

Tim (18) likes to look online for attractive offers

“Before I started my apprenticeship, my parents paid me a youth salary. So I’ve been paying for almost everything myself for a while now and I manage money well. But I’m always forgetting my wallet. Luckily, you can pay almost everywhere these days with a mobile phone. Generally, I’m quite budget-conscious and I don’t like spending money unnecessarily. So I’m always looking for promotions and good offers. Anything left at the end of the month goes to my savings account so I’ll be able to take a long trip after I finish my apprenticeship.”

With the free SmartStudents banking package for 18 to 30-year-olds, Tim can:

  • Carry out financial transactions using the student account
  • Pay in online shops with the PostFinance Card
  • Settle his bills in just a few clicks in the PostFinance App
  • Download his tax documents in e-finance
  • Pay for snacks with TWINT
  • Benefit from a preferential interest rate with the savings account
  • Store his credit card details with Apple Pay

Mira (23) pays her bills with her mobile phone

“I’ve had a yellow card for a long time now. I use it to pay for my online shopping and to withdraw cash. I feel better when I have a couple of notes in my pocket. But where possible, I prefer to make cashless payments, and I like to pay my bills with my mobile phone. Even when I was studying, I kept an eye out for online bargains and managed to get my new laptop at half price. Now I’m working full-time, I still look for promotions because I want to save as much as possible so I can move out from my parents’ house soon.”

With the SmartPlus banking package for young adults, Mira can:

  • Carry out all financial transactions at half price with her private account
  • Approve payments in the PostFinance App
  • Withdraw cash from Postomats for free using the PostFinance Card
  • Pay on the go with TWINT
  • Benefit from cashback on her purchases with the credit card
  • Invest her money and plan for the future
  • Save for her own apartment with a preferential interest rate

Good to know: one account from birth

Many parents open an account for their newborn or their young children to build up a financial buffer for later. The free SmartKids banking package for 0 to 11-year-olds is perfect for this. With the youth account, parents can opt to have e-finance, the PostFinance App and a PostFinance Card, and they benefit from a preferential interest rate on the youth savings account.

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