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Created on 10.01.2020

For your loved ones: it’s easy to send money around the world

Miroslava, Horst, David, Ruth and Melina all have one thing in common: they’d all like to transfer money to their families abroad. And it’s very easy.

No matter whether they are one-off, occasional or regular payments, there are many reasons why we might need to transfer money to a foreign account for our families. We’ll show you four examples and the most convenient ways to transfer money around the world.  

Miroslava supports her grandmother in Serbia

25-year-old Miroslava has lived with her parents in Switzerland since she was four years old. But she spends the summer and Christmas holidays in her parents’ native country of Serbia whenever possible. When she is there, she always visits her grandmother, who lives on a small farm. Miroslava also supports her grandmother financially. Whenever she has money remaining from her salary, she transfers CHF 50 to her Baka’s account. 

Horst has to pay labour bills from Northern Germany

Horst, 32, has been living and working in Switzerland for five years, and his family owns a lovely little holiday home in Northern Germany. As it’s an old house, leaks in the roof needed repairing, and the plumbing system had to be renewed. While Horst’s brother Dieter, who lives in Germany, supervised the repairs and dealt with the work on site, Horst takes care of the finances. A few days ago, the bills from the roofer and plumber arrived.

David and Ruth send Anna some money

Anna is taking advantage of the opportunity to spend a year in Sydney as part of her economics degree. 23-year-old Anna had never imagined that living abroad would be so expensive. The money is running out. When Anna tells her parents David and Ruth about her financial difficulties, they transfer a generous sum to Anna’s account.

Melina is paying for additional services in her father’s nursing home in Argentina

44-year-old Argentinian Melina emigrated to Switzerland 20 years ago and started a family here. Her father now lives in a nursing home and is cared for by Melina’s sisters. To make her father’s life better from afar, she has provided him with his own single room and pays for the additional costs. She transfers the amount directly to the nursing home every month. 

How does the money get abroad?

With the new payment screen in e-finance, PostFinance’s e-banking, you can make your foreign payments easily by entering the amount, currency and recipient under “Enter payment”. This can be done for any account around the world, even if there is no IBAN.

Giro international is even free of charge for IBAN payments in euros in the eurozone, thanks to SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). 

Useful to know

E-finance automatically defines whether a SEPA payment is possible or not based on the information you enter.

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