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Created on 31.10.2019

Incoterms: the rules for delivering goods abroad

Do you know who bears which risk for foreign trade, and until when? In our e-book, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the rules for delivering goods abroad.

In foreign trade, Incoterms – the “rules of the game”, or terms and conditions of payment and delivery – are particularly important. They consist of 11 terms that clearly set out what obligations the seller and the buyer have when it comes to trading goods abroad, as well as who is responsible for bearing which risks, and until when. This way, the parties involved can avoid any misunderstandings or legal disputes. The term “Incoterms” in fact stands for “International Commercial Terms”.

Incoterms: what they are and what you need to bear in mind

Be it EXW for Ex-Works, DAT for Delivered at Terminal or FAS for Free alongside Ship, by reading our e-book “Incoterms 2010: international rules for delivering goods abroad”, companies will not only understand what the Incoterms mean and what they are all about, they will also know what to be aware of. These are areas that are covered in the overview:

  • Terms of delivery and sales contracts: how and at what point are terms of delivery set for international business? What impact do they have?
  • Terms of delivery requirements: what do exporters and importers expect from the terms of delivery?
  • What Incoterms are all about: what is the logic and reasoning behind the Incoterms? What general principles do the terms embody?
  • The terms in detail: what do companies have to be aware of in particular when it comes to individual terms?
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