Professional fields at PostFinance

Your career opportunities with us

At PostFinance, we work on ways of managing Switzerland’s money both now and in the future. We create practical solutions for our customers and help shape the digital future of Switzerland. To do this, we need employees from various occupational groups who work hand in hand with each other. Because together, we want one thing: to inspire. We look forward to meeting you!

Where do you want to advance your career?

At PostFinance, you will find career opportunities in a wide range of professional fields. This is in an environment that fosters straightforward working relationships on an equal footing. You too can become a part of our unique corporate culture and benefit from the attractive working conditions at PostFinance. In which area of activity do you want to get ahead?

  • Your strengths

    As a member of our marketing and communications staff, you have an unerring ability to inspire our target groups. Your role is to act as a hub between internal and external stakeholders – and you are accomplished at doing so.


    As a marketing specialist, your focus is on our customers. You carry out analyses, create concepts and head up projects in market and product management.


    As an experienced communication professional, you frame communication concepts and implement them efficiently with timely measures. You advise internal clients, maintain a dialogue with the various internal and external stakeholders and ensure that communication is stylistically assured and to the point.

    What sets you apart

    You have an intuitive feel for market and social trends and can use it to create intelligent concepts. Your goal is to ensure that your actions lead to measurable success, and you implement them with great enthusiasm.

  • Your strengths

    At PostFinance, the Finance unit covers the full range of financial issues – from securities trading, financial accounting and controlling through to risk management, risk control and reporting. As a finance specialist, you have an intuitive feel for numbers. You analyse, monitor and manage the company’s finances.

    What sets you apart

    You are as comfortable with figures as you are with people. You use your knowledge to continue to develop PostFinance successfully along with other finance professionals, for example in projects that call for your rigorous approach to work and deadlines.

  • Your strengths

    As a member of our processing and process management staff, you will ensure that processes run smoothly. As the number one in payment transactions, PostFinance processes six out of ten of all transactions and manages over three million accounts. And that’s exactly why we need your professionalism and quality awareness – every day.

    What sets you apart

    As a team player, you want to work with your colleagues to make things happen. You are skilled in applying your quality awareness and rigorous approach to work on a daily basis. Your commitment is also apparent in the fact that you are always willing to challenge established procedures with a view to improving them.

  • Your strengths

    In the Legal & Compliance team, you will work to ensure the integrity of PostFinance successfully in the long term – with a clear understanding of legal, economic and business considerations.

    What sets you apart

    You inspire confidence because you are not afraid to ask critical questions at the right time. You pursue your ambitious goals by working together with your colleagues, and by implementing decisions quickly and professionally.

  • Your strengths

    As an HR professional, you advise PostFinance employees in all matters relating to human resources. You are a coach, who helps others to get ahead – while always keeping the focus on the company, its customers and internal partners.

    What sets you apart

    You find it easy to inspire others. And you like to help people get ahead. But above all, you are a professional who can develop goal-oriented solutions and implement them proactively. Your negotiation skills in particular inspire confidence – especially when it comes to the job of reconciling widely varying interests.

  • Your strengths

    As a customer advisor at PostFinance, you provide our customers with professional advice on all aspects of our financial services, whether online or by phone at the call center or in personal consultations.

    What sets you apart

    You are service-oriented and want to help customers manage their money as easily as possible so that it serves their interests. You do this by making systematic use of your experience in sales, and you are happy to assume responsibility as part of your independent approach to work.

  • Your strengths

    You are the genius who creates before revolutionizing. You are the driving force behind new tools and gadgets, shaping the digital future of PostFinance. Whether in planning, development, testing, operation, project management, organization or business administration, you know how best to contribute your strengths at PostFinance.

    What sets you apart

    You are always a step ahead of the times and you understand today what will be shaping the IT world of tomorrow. You are a courageous doer and a team player, and agility is a familiar concept to you.

This is what we offer you – wherever you work with us

We offer our employees the opportunity to get ahead and make things happen – and all under excellent employment and working conditions. These include – to give just a few examples – attractive holiday arrangements, opportunities for basic and advanced training and much more.

First-hand accounts – employees talk about their job

  • Marketing and communications

    “As a customer journey owner, I am responsible for designing our financing offers. This is particularly interesting, as PostFinance is not allowed to grant loans for legal reasons, though demand from our customers is growing. We are driven by the challenge of working out which solutions we can actually offer. At PostFinance, we work in agile, virtual teams across a wide range of units and together with our external cooperation partners. This makes us quick and flexible so we can design customer journeys together. We are in direct contact with our customers and make sure we involve them too. For me, that’s the most valuable aspect of my work.”

  • Finance

    “I love my job – for precisely the reason that it sometimes gets a little hectic. My team and I don’t know in the morning what the markets are going to do during the day. Some days can be quiet, and some can be extremely hectic – as on 15 January 2015, when the Swiss National Bank abandoned the minimum euro exchange rate. In the current political and economic environment, the situation also remains challenging. But that’s what makes my job what it is. We overcome the daily challenges we face as a team, support and motivate each other, and are open to new ideas. And we work for an employer who allows us to use our discretion and assume responsibility.”

  • Risk, Legal & Compliance

    “We ensure compliance with all legal requirements. What may at first sight seem boring is in fact enormously exciting and varied. Our work is about protecting PostFinance from financial and other damage and safeguarding the bank’s reputation. And we do this within a national and international regulatory framework that is changing continuously. As Head of Risk, Legal & Compliance, I try to ensure that our approach to existing and new requirements is as efficient and effective as possible. In addition, the advancement of my employees is very important to me. I want to give them the opportunity to get ahead – just as it was given to me.” 

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