RealTalk on 12 March 2024 in Winterthur

At the event on Tuesday, 12 March 2024, at the Salzhaus in Winterthur entrepreneur Sunnie Groeneveld and actor Stefan Gubser discussed the topic: “Business or society: where are there truly equal opportunities?”.

Sunnie Groeneveld and Stefan Gubser are both in the spotlight in very different ways. As an actor, Gubser has been delighted to see the steadily growing proportion of women on his film sets. As an entrepreneur and head of the “digital leadership” study programme at the HWZ, Groeneveld is committed to jobs and study vacancies being filled in a more consciously distributed way.

I believe that pay transparency becomes less important for people the more they earn.
Stefan Gubser
Equal opportunities is a process – and that also applies to business. Deliberately placing the same number of men and women on recruiting lists is important, even if it takes time.
Sunnie Groeneveld

During the RealTalk event in Winterthur moderated by Viola Tami, both guests demonstrated that role models who set a good example in terms of equal opportunities can be found anywhere and that productivity always wins out – but also that we still have a long way to go here in Switzerland, even thirty years after the passing of the Gender Equality Act.

We need to start spending less time analysing the problem and more time actually implementing what has been learnt! We need to set a good example and turn words into action.
Sunnie Groeneveld
On the topic of pay transparency: up until a few years ago, your fee for a production was still subject to contractually binding confidentiality. Just imagine that.
Stefan Gubser


Are you unable to take part in person? Catch up on the PostFinance RealTalk as a podcast. The talk was given on a dialect basis.