Our contribution to “MTV Unplugged”

Since 2021, PostFinance has been a fixture of the Swiss edition of “MTV Unplugged” as the programme’s official touring and presenting parter. This year, we’re accompanying the Western Switzerland rapper, Stress, on his latest venture.

In June 2023, “MTV Unplugged: Stress” was recorded live at the Schiffbau in Zurich, Switzerland. The associated MTV Unplugged album has been available on all major platforms since the middle of November. From March 2024, Stress will be going on tour across Switzerland with the MTV Unplugged show.

This was the recording session

Watch the video and get an exclusive look behind the scenes at MTV Unplugged.

The musician Stress

Portrait Stress

In 2023, the rapper Andres Andrekson – better known by his alias “Stress” – celebrates the 20-year anniversary of his first stage appearance. The Lausanne native with Estonian roots has risen to the upper echelon of the Swiss music scene and been dubbed the “true patron saint of Swiss rap” thanks to his direct and emphatic lyrical style. On the occasion of his anniversary, Stress has dared to take another bold step in his artistic journey by featuring in “MTV Unplugged” – a step which will be rewarded with the honour of performing in French for the first time in the format’s illustrious history.

“On y va”

PostFinance and Stress share the same values – especially when it comes to sustainability. In our “On y va” series, Stress shows in his everyday life where and how we’re working together for a sustainable future.

“On y va”

The journey to greater sustainability with Stress and PostFinance

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Sustainable food

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  • “MTV Unplugged” is a concert series that was launched by the television station MTV in 1989. In this context, “Unplugged” means that only acoustic instruments are used to perform. Participating artists adapt their musical arrangements accordingly, which results in completely new interpretations of their previously released hits. International acts such as Nirvana, Udo Lindenberg, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan have reworked their songs for “MTV Unplugged” as featured artists in the past. In Switzerland, the first and only group to enjoy this honour so far has been the cult band Patent Ochsner, who performed in 2021. Stress now adds to this legacy with his appearance in the second Swiss edition of “MTV Unplugged”.

  • Portrait Büne Huber MTV Unplugged

    PostFinance has been a crucial contributor as the main partner of “MTV Unplugged” ever since the project’s first Swiss edition, which featured the Bern-based cult band Patent Ochsner. This included two exclusive recording sessions and eleven sold-out concerts, which were a testament to the project’s resounding success.