E-finance login with card reader

Log in with card reader and PostFinance Card

Do you want to use e-finance, but don’t have a smartphone? If so, the login via the card reader and your PostFinance Card is the right solution for you.

To log in, you will need

  • Your e-finance number or username and e-finance password

  • User identification (only for customers with multiple users, e.g. a partner account)

  • Your PostFinance Card and PIN

  • A yellow card reader

Step 1: Enter login details in e-finance

  • On postfinance.ch, click on “Login” in the top right or on the padlock symbol.
  • Enter your e-finance number or username and your password (see letter “Your personal e-finance access data”).
  • For customers with multiple users (e.g. partner account): enter your user ID as well.
  • Confirm with “Next”.

Step 2: Insert your PostFinance Card into the card reader

  • Insert your PostFinance Card into the yellow card reader.
  • “Challenge” will be shown on the display.

Step 3: Enter your e-finance code into the card reader

  • A number will be displayed under “Input for card reader” on the e-finance  login page. 
  • Enter this number into the card reader.
  • Confirm by pressing “OK” (the green button on the card reader).

Step 4: Enter the PIN for your PostFinance Card

  • You will see the message “PIN + OK” on the card reader display.
  • Enter the PIN for your PostFinance Card. This is the code you use at ATMs, or the code you received along with your PostFinance Card.
  • Confirm by pressing “OK” (the green button on the card reader).

Step 5: Enter the code from the card reader into e-finance

  • The message “Code = x xxx xxx” will be displayed on the card reader.
  • Enter this 7- to 9-digit code into e-finance in the field “Code from card reader”.
  • Click on “Login” – you are now logged in.

Tip: log in with ease using your personal username

Do you find it difficult to remember your e-finance number? Create your own personal username and use it to log in to e-finance more easily. Another advantage: you no longer need to enter your user identification, e.g. for a partner account.

Useful information about the yellow card reader

  • Flat batteries: you can change the batteries yourself. You can find the right batteries (2 x type CR2032) in stores.
  • Recycling: should a card reader be faulty, or should you no longer need it, you can return it to any PostFinance branch so that it can be disposed of properly. Alternatively, send the device to: PostFinance SA, Output Produzione, Viale Stazione 15, 6500 Bellinzona.
  • Order your card reader: order your yellow card reader conveniently online and have it delivered to your home or your place of work free of charge.

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