baby-walz voucher

Purchase online with ease without a credit card

baby-walz offers a wide range of quality baby items from well-known brands. You can find everything you need for your baby’s first year at or in-store – from baby clothes to maternity wear, to toys and leisure products.

Once you’ve bought your baby-walz voucher in the PostFinance App or in e-finance, you can redeem it online or in-store easily and conveniently, no credit card needed.

baby-walz voucher: available for purchase 24/7 via the app or e-finance

    • Voucher purchase without a credit card

    • Direct debit from your private account
  • Redeem in the online shop or in-store in Switzerland


  • In-app purchase: private account and the PostFinance App (Android or iOS)
  • Buy in e-finance: private account with e-finance

Available amounts

  • CHF 10
  • CHF 15
  • CHF 20
  • CHF 50

You will not be charged any additional fees upon purchase.

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With the PostFinance App

Log in to the PostFinance app and select Offers > Voucher.

Download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play:

In e-finance

Log in to the e-finance app and select Offers > Purchase voucher.


  • There’s no need to go to a physical sales point. Using the PostFinance App or e-finance, you can purchase your voucher online with ease.

  • You will receive the voucher in the form of a code, which you can find in our app or in e-finance. You need the code to purchase items at The link will open in a new window or in-store.

  • You can redeem the voucher online at The link will open in a new window or in-store at a baby-walz branch anywhere in Switzerland. To redeem it in the online shop, paste the code under the “Redeem promo code and gift voucher here” when you come to pay. To redeem the voucher in-store, open the baby-walz voucher in the PostFinance App and show the barcode when paying.

  • The voucher is transferable. You can redeem it directly or give it as a gift.