Private account in EUR

The account for payment transactions in EUR

The private account in EUR from PostFinance is the ideal account for your payment transactions in the eurozone – and an ideal holiday account. You can also use our online and mobile banking with e-finance and the PostFinance App, making it easy for you to take care of your day-to-day financial transactions.

Private account in EUR: can be managed as an individual or partner account

  • Ideal for payment transactions in EUR

  • Withdraw cash worldwide with the PostFinance Card in EUR

  • Low-cost account management

  • No currency risk for transactions in EUR

  • Free PostFinance Card in EUR

  • Unlimited withdrawal options

    • Annual account statement with interest statement
    • Monthly account statement
    • Unlimited withdrawal options
    • Available as an individual or partner account
  • Account management & withdrawals for the private account in EUR

    Account management
    Free account management from CHF 25,000 in investment assets or with a capital-growth life insurance plan or mortgage, otherwise CHF 5/month
    Investment assets include:
    • Fund investments (incl. retirement funds within the scope of pillar 3a and vested benefits at PostFinance)
    • Custody account assets in e-trading (excluding cash).
    PostFinance Card
    Free of charge
    Cashless payments in online shops
    Free of charge
    Cash withdrawals at Postomats
    Free of charge
    Cash withdrawals at post offices
    1% commission (withdrawals in Swiss francs are free of charge)
    Cash withdrawals at ATMs

    CHF 2 for withdrawals in Swiss francs

    CHF 5 for withdrawals in euros

    Cash withdrawals at ATMs abroad
    CHF 5
    Electronic or paper account statements, payment and standing orders
    Free of charge
    Paper monthly account statement
    CHF 1/month
    Customers domiciled abroad
    CHF 25/month per account, irrespective of assets

    Current interest rates

  • Whether you want to close your current bank account or want to pay your salary into your private account, we’ll be happy to help. 

    Close your current bank account

    You can close your current bank account with the following cancellation letter.

    1. Please fill in at least the first page
    2. Sign the form
    3. Send it to your current bank

    Have your salary paid into your private account

    You can use the following transfer form to have your salary credited to your private account.

    1. Complete the form
    2. Sign the form
    3. Send the form to:
      PostFinance Ltd
      Scan Center
      3002 Bern
  • What is the private account overdraft limit?

    The account must not be overdrawn. For customers who pass a creditworthiness check and receive regular credits, PostFinance may grant an overdraft limit of CHF 1,000, which can be changed upon request at any time.

    Can CHF also be withdrawn using the PostFinance Card in EUR?

    Yes. However, as your account balance is in EUR, the CHF amount withdrawn is converted into EUR and charged in EUR.

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