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Created on 12.11.2018

Online banking in your pocket

PostFinance is one of the leaders in mobile banking and became the first financial service provider in Switzerland to launch a free mobile banking app in September 2010. So far around one million customers have discovered the benefits of PostFinance Mobile and are using postal account services available at any time and from anywhere via their mobile phone or tablet.

The PostFinance App has lots to offer

Whether you’ve got an iPhone or an Android device: download the free PostFinance App and take advantage of the following functions:

  1. Login with fingerprint or password to the key functions thanks to the fast service
  2. Send money to mobile phone numbers via the app
  3. Purchase credit for mobile phones, iTunes, Google Play, paysafecard, PlayStation, Spotify etc. 
  4. Free access to e-finance and e-trading
  5. Scan + Pay
  6. Keep track of your account balance and transactions at all times

Mobile banking offers lots of benefits and is easy to use

E-finance and e-trading

You can access functions for managing your accounts and check your credit card balance on your mobile phone. Other practical functions, such as recording payments or account transfers and the management of your securities custody account, are also available.

Scan + Pay

Make payments in a flash: hold your smartphone’s camera lens over the code lines of the inpayment slip – and the account details are automatically scanned. The inpayment slip scanner means you do not need to enter payment details manually.

View accounts

Want to check your account balance when you’re on the move? Log in via the PostFinance Mobile App – and your balance and recent transactions in all of your accounts will appear.

Transfer money

Want to transfer a small amount of money to a friend? Simply enter the amount and the recipient’s account or mobile phone number and the requested amount will be transferred immediately.

Purchase, load or give digital credit as a gift

Have you used up your prepaid credit for your mobile phone? Simply enter the amount and your mobile phone number and the new credit will be loaded straightaway. Purchasing iTunes, Microsoft Xbox, PlayStation, Spotify, Netflix, Nintendo and many other forms of credit is just as straightforward.

Registering for the fast service is so easy

  1. Type “Register now” in the fast service and then enter the ID number found on the back of your PostFinance Card.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number. You will receive a code via SMS. Insert the PostFinance Card into the card reader and enter the code.
  3. Choose a password for registration and then enter it. For future use, you will only require your password or – if available – Touch ID/fingerprint or the Face ID of the mobile device to log in.

How to protect your data

Preventative steps

Pay attention to security: activate all protective mechanisms on your smartphone. Install antivirus software. Do not open e-mails and files from unknown senders.

Remain vigilant

There may be hidden dangers in links in e-mails, on social networks or QR codes. Adopt a cautious approach, do not click on or open links or documents that you have received from unknown senders or which seem suspicious. Above all: keep passwords and PINs secret. PostFinance will never ask you for this information over the phone, by e-mail or in other ways.


Unencrypted wireless connections can be intercepted and the data transmitted can be altered. If you use a wireless network, make sure it is protected by WPA2. Avoid public hotspots and deactivate unnecessary interfaces when not using them.


Use a personal phone lock code. This will protect your smartphone against unauthorized access. Always conceal your code when entering it so that it cannot be read by others. For security reasons, never leave your mobile device unattended.


All modern mobile operating systems have their own app stores where manufacturers ensure minimum quality standards. Do not use any other platform to install apps. Also check the evaluations and comments on the apps.

Limiting damage

If you lose your smartphone or tablet, ask your network provider to block your SIM card straightaway.

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