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Created on 08.02.2021

Legal protection insurance: everyday legal protection

Just been overcharged? Trouble with your employer? Landlord on the warpath? Everyday life isn't always plain sailing. But how do you protect yourself legally in these situations without having to use up all your savings on legal fees? Legal protection insurance can help.

Whether as a consumer, a patient, an employee, a tenant, or simply a private person: in everyday life you will be involved in disputes sooner and more often than you would wish. And even when you are in the right, you still have to fight your corner. Consider the following situations:

  • You rent a vacation home for three weeks. Unfortunately, when you get there you discover that it does not meet the terms of your contract at all. You now want to be reimbursed some of the money you paid out, but the company that rented you the apartment has no intention of paying up.
  • You employ a painter and decorator to repaint the walls in your living room and are pleased with the results: the colour is just right. Unfortunately, the bill is far from perfect. The painter is asking for four times the amount specified in their quote – for no good reason. What now?
  • One of your children has to go to the dentist. But the treatment didn't go as intended and you want the mistake rectified.
  • You ask an employer you worked for until six months ago to provide you with a statement of your remaining entitlements. But your former employer fails to act. How can you claim your legal entitlements now?
  • You are moving into a new apartment with your family and have already given up the old one. As you carry the first removal boxes into your new apartment, you realize that construction work is still under way and you can't move in. You and your family are forced to take up temporary accommodation in a hotel. But who will pay for it?

Legal protection insurance: from advice to legal representation in court

In all of these cases and countless others, legal protection insurance is indispensable because without it legal disputes can quickly become very complex and very expensive. Legal protection insurance covers insurees through thick and thin, and in certain circumstances it can even find solutions that help to prevent legal cases from arising in the first place. And if the case still goes to court (e.g. in the event of unjustified claims against the insuree), legal protection insurance will provide a lawyer and cover the court costs. That’s a reassuring feeling.

Tailor your insurance cover

By taking out legal protection insurance, you ensure that, in the event of a legal dispute, you will not be forced to waive your legal rights and will be able to assert your claims. The amount of the premium for legal protection insurance depends largely on the scope of the insurance cover. Because everybody has different needs, it pays to put together your own package. PostFinance legal protection insurance, for example, offers a comprehensive basic package and supplementary cover options. This useful overview will help you decide what you need.

The premium for the basic PostFinance legal protection insurance package, including the desired supplementary cover, can be calculated easily online with no obligation. And if you like the offer, you can take out the policy with just a few clicks.

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