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Created on 12.11.2018 | Updated on 21.11.2019

How well do you manage your money? Take the test!

Are you a supersaver, or do you think money is there to be spent? Answer eight questions to find out how well you actually manage your money in everyday life.

Test yourself: how well do you manage your money? Answer the following eight questions on your spending in everyday life honestly. Add the points together to find out at the end of this blog post what type of person you are and which savings tips can help you keep your spending under control.

Question 1: Pay day! You receive your salary today. What do you do?
Question 2: It’s Friday evening – how do you celebrate the start of the weekend?
Question 3: How many accounts and credit cards do you have?
Question 4: Off on holiday! How do you plan your trip?
Question 5: If you have CHF 20, what do you purchase to cook healthy/varied evening meals for two adults and two children for four days without creating any food waste?
Question 6: What are your main budget items?
Question 7: You have to buy a big-ticket item. How do you go about it?
Question 8: Do you have a household budget?
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